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T 3d


Boston Mass

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I have a Ys 56 and I pressurize the tank before I touch the glow plug and I can't get fuel threw the engin and the fuel filter is clean and I got fuel all the way up to the carburetor but no fuel mist coming out the muffle

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Do you have the one-way valve oriented in the proper direction?

Blow thru the pressure valve as the exhaust would a see if fuel is entering the carb?

If so, good, is your needle valve close by mistake or something?

Perhaps the needle valve "jet" is blocked by some foreign material.

Might have to disassemble the carb...there are still manuals online that show the engine breakaway view if you don't have a manual.


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Santiago P


South West, Ohio

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Let me add, MAKE SURE the tank is building pressure.
The YS runs on a close loop fuel system.

Any air leaks and the engine WILL NOT RUN correctly, and you run the risk of siezing it.


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Cedar Rapids, IA

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Has this motor run before? Is your needle valve open?

Why do you pressurize your tank before starting? Properly plumbed, that is not necessary.

Is your motor and fuel system plumbed like this:

If not, or not something very close to that, it is game over till you fix it. Motor won't run till plumbed correctly.

Is the starter turning the motor counterclockwise (looking down into the starter coupling)? If not, reverse your starter.

You may have crud plugging up the fuel passages in the carb.

Just a few things to check and ponder.


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