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05-28-2015 10:57 PM  3 years agoPost 41

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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Actually they do not -- but ONLY in America --soon you will be ass-simulated.
Why would I care? They have the same rights as Christians.
Their is no Freedom Liberty Independence or Democracy. A Tenant Only Found in a VEry rare Judea / Christian Society known as AMERICA.

It's OUR Constitution which was BIBLICAL BASED:

So WHY do they come ??? Why do they wish to use the LAW and Constitution as our very own tool to defeat ?


05-31-2015 04:13 AM  3 years agoPost 42

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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They are in a TErrible Storm ! Why they come - To Seek GRACE and LOVE and Peace and Safety !

YET they will not lay down their burden's and shame.

In the Teaching's of the { CHRIST } { A.D.} the Greatest commandment is LOVE :
The Heart to awaken : Repent / Salvation ALL Sin is Forgiven

You will NOT find in the Teaching of the Qur'an : LOVE !
It come's 600 Year's AFTER the Gospel was finished.

It is through other mean's. The Sword - List is Endless { FEAR }
The Qur'an is written in ARaBIC : Brother's of " ABRAHAM "
If they are a student of the writing -- Look what is say's about JESUS !!! They are in for a Shock They will feel the Rain !

Will they themselves Look Too Angry

Their VERY OWN FIRE - It's spreading Anger - NOT LOVE

Their has got to be more than going back and forth : Too & Fro

The Will Learn AMAZING GRACE - Their IS NO CROSS in Muslim

Why Would Jesus : Teach to LOVE THY ENEMY ?? What effect does that have on the Heart of a ENEMY ?? Who is trying to Kill You ??

Currently their is a protest in Phoenix :

WITHOUT Losing Perspective : Examine BOTH Sides !!!

Which Side is Correct ?? with the limited understanding either side has ?? Does One side understand Christ or have ever studied the scripture ?? ? Does The OTHER Side Understand the Qur'an ?? or read it ?? It a TWO sided failure - NEITHER

Will The Kingdom Come ??? They need to lay their head's down from the fight

200,000 Dead in Syria alone - Not Including the Tempests Else where -
Even the Saudi's are now experiencing the Wrath - CAR BOMBINGS

With enough Heat / Pressure / ???

The Lord is MAKING Diamond's out of the Ashes !

We are ALL citizen's of GOD

It's Never Too Late too be Introduced to God's Grace

Their is a Redeemer and He IS Living in the World

The Glorious is Un Folding - Wait and SEE !

Far from OVER - Hold the Promises ! He NEVER LIED


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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › One Word Why Mankind continually fails to...
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