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05-04-2015 07:29 PM  6 years ago
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Report from the 2015 Spring Fling, Fredericksburg. VA.
Hi Y'all.

Upon arriving in Fredericksburg Thursday evening, the weather was a bit auspicious as a light mist was falling and had been much heavier during the drive down. Friday morning was damp with some light winds from the east, completely overcast, and it made for rather unpleasant conditions to fly in. As the afternoon came around, the dampness slowly receded and it became much more friendly to flying but the cloud cover held in place. Phoenix NOTAR made it down in the late afternoon and the two of us put in some relaxing flights which brought over a number of spectators. There were a few adjustments made to the flight line and away we were to the sky.

The crew at the club provided a very nice, level, and smooth area to take off from, made especially for scale helicopters only. I had my Bambi bucket ready to go and a water brigade was arranged to bring enough to fill the pumpkin and have some for refilling as needed. The flight line had a bit of early morning sun in our faces but a good hat helped reduce the effects to a minimum. Phoenix NOTAR had four main helicopters with him and I had three so it was a fairly good size fleet for just two pilots. Which brings me to my message to all of you here.

It is marvelous that we have taken the time to build our machines. It is great that there are some wonderful scale helicopter gatherings around the country to go to where we all share the same goals. However, these are not the only places where scale helicopters are welcomed. In fact, a number of helicopter fun fly-ins are begging for scale machines to appear as the event is not only for the pilots that show up, but also for the public to watch and enjoy. Time is a precious commodity these days and it is hard for many to get out but if you don't start attending these smaller events (for scale that is), it will get no notice at all. Forums are great for us but the public seldom uses these places to learn about the many forms of flying.

You have got to make the effort to contact the CD's and see if they have a spot for you and trust me, they want more than just stick bangers for the public to view. Not only do the public like to see a nice Jet Ranger or Lama flown like it is up there on a flight mission, but so do other pilots who are already there. Life does get in the way of fun sometimes but if you want to see growth at scale events, contact a fun-fly CD to see if there is something that can be arranged. I have other functions that I must attend that conflict with flying and take precedent, but I try and attend as many as I can. I will post the few pictures that I was able to take as soon as I can. There were 112 registered pilots at this event, far exceeding their expectations, and they want more scale pilots next year. See if you can put this on your calendar for next year. I have got it marked already. Take care.

05-06-2015 06:01 PM  6 years ago
Copter Doctor


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Agreed Don,
promoting the scale side of helis is always a positive move. in a world saturated with 3D which while impressive to watch, gets to be the same after a while as pretty much everyone who does it is good at it. A scale heli sure does put a nice break in between the routine of 3d flying.
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HomeScale✈️AircraftScale HeliScale Helicopter Main Discussion › Report from the 2015 Spring Fling, Fredericksburg. VA.

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