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03-29-2015 01:43 AM  6 years ago
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Darien, Illinois

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Wow, 8 years and what a change! What happened???
So, this afternoon I went into the closet to get something and there covered up is my mint Raptor 90SE with every option part you can think of..key point is that it has been sitting there, YS90 engine and all, for the past 8+ years.

So, I figured I would see what is going on with the RC Heli world and browsed around a little

Glad to see RR is still up and running, used to come here everyday.

What I was shocked to see...

All these cool places I used to order from: Heliproz, MTA Hobbies, etc. all gone? Out of business? What happened here?

Kyosho Helicopters....gone? Never thought I would see the day that they stopped making machines. After all, I grew up engrossed in the Tower Hobbies annual catalog with the Concept & Nexus. Still drool when I open up the '89 catalog.

Visited Ron's RC helis. No more Hirobo; phasing them out? TT now difficult to get parts for?

Nitro basically dead?

What the hell are you guys flying now!? It seems there is nothing left to buy?

Where do people shop!

I simply can't believe how much has changed in 8 years. What a total bummer!
Raptor 90SE
03-29-2015 03:35 AM  6 years ago


Jacksonville, Florida

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Its really not dead just sort of changed gears. I would say that most of the people flying today are flying electric helis with a few but not gone diehard nitro guys out there. Nitro is not dead just not as popular as it was years back. Multirotors have taken a big chunk of the business to as they have grown in popularity. So with the hobby shop deal I think it is what it is they get miss managed or just natural attrition but it seems when one goes another pops up. As far as the hobby as a hole I believe its alive and well and will be that way for a long time. Its a perfect time to get back in so many new advances and helis to fly the options are endless.Trying not to put them in the dirt.
03-29-2015 03:42 AM  6 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Lewisville, TX

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Hirobo is once again supported in the US, and once again with involvement by Jeff Green, but not Ron's at this time, so don't write off your Hirobos! Yes, MRC did have a massive attack of the stupids, but that was in the past .

- Tim
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04-07-2015 02:30 PM  6 years ago

rrKey Veteran

North Idaho

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A lot of people got lured into electric helicopters. How could they not? Ease of use, no cleaning, no fiddling with engine tuning, electric having more power, nitro fuel being expensive. They bought into the myth of less complication until the one major flaw reared it's ugly head: Short flight times. So how did they combat this? Buy more batteries. Battery prices were horrible so instead of buying a ton of batteries they bought bigger more powerful chargers. These chargers are great but they need big power supplies. That's fine but since they bought the big charger and the big power supplies to charge the couple of batteries they have they needed a portable generator to power the power supplies that power that awesome charger. Good portable generators that can feed these charging systems are expensive.

Then there is The Charging Case. This is almost a hobby within a hobby, buying a $100 Pelican case and pouring more money into a custom case with internal lighting and cooling and all that. So what used to be a hobby that involved a helicopter and a field box that carried a jug of nitro and a small lead acid battery for the starter and glow ignitor became this ordeal of 50 pound charging box and 50 pound generator and all that. Suddenly if a person were to look at the cost of a complete electric setup with support equipment they could buy a lot of nitro fuel and have a much simpler hobby in the end.

Of course I have the charging setup, I have the small generator, I have all that stuff and still my most favorite thing to fly is my nitro 50 helicopter. I also enjoy my 90mm edf jet though lol.....

Another huge change has been flybarless technology. What used to be just for the scale guys have become the standard for all helicopter types. Lastly, 2.4ghz transmitter technology has killed the 72mhz and that is a truly good thing.

Good news is you can update your Rappy with better rx battery and fbl and have a great flying helicopter. Or just put a good rx battery in and fly it as is.
04-07-2015 03:16 PM  6 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Quebec Quebec Canada

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+1 on that!P.S. sorry for the spelling or the grammar I am dyslexic!
04-08-2015 03:09 AM  6 years ago


Dublin, CA

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Jason J, that was very well put!

I have been considering a new 600-700 class electric (I have a Fury Extreme 90 and a Raptor 50 full QuickUK Head) since the multi-rotor has opened the lipo door for me.

Looks like the flybarless stuff can be dialed in to have extremely fast rates, plus the absence of paddles and a much shorter head makes for a snazzy looking bird!

I'll probably convert both helis to lipo rx packs and buy a case of fuel. I do have a bent spindle for the R50, and these seem to have dried up? I don't see anyone carrying them!
Enjoy the little things in life, they make the big ones more enjoyable.
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