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Austin, Texas

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I'm about to start on a 120 and keep hearing about changing the Fusion 7 out for other motors.
How would a MPI Cobalt 400 13turn work?
I've been using the 11turn motors for over a year in an A-10 and only have to clean them about every 50 flights or so.
They are very strong for brushed and light weight.
Here's a link to the spec's
Stock # PMX 4013

Thanks for any info..

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12-21-2003 02:33 AM  14 years agoPost 2


Central Michigan

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I had pretty good luck with the EF7 motor that came with the Corona. I threw a winding early on but LMH replaced the armature for me. After that, no more problems. I did experiment with some other brushed motors and found some clearance mod motors at Sheldon's for $10. ea. One was a 15T/S motor which worked very well and very was responsive. The other was a 14T/D motor that worked equally well.. The only bad experience I had was with the Atomic Force 17T/D motor. It just couldn't cut the mustard with 7-cell battery pack.

I think the reason you'll see a difference in brush life vs. your A10 is due to the high current draw for sustained periods in the heli. It's pretty hard on the brushes.

Good luck!


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