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12-20-2003 08:25 PM  14 years agoPost 1


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I was just curious what the maximum amp draw E-heli's have? Like say the Fury Ion to Logo 20 with Hacker motors or something similar. Thanks

12-21-2003 03:30 AM  14 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Virginia Beach, VA

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I'm looking into E flight for planks with LiPolys and brushless motors so I ran across numbers for helis too.
The little ones like Picolo, Humming bird eat about 3 to 4 amps. Momentary surge of 6 to 8 can happen.
The medium size helis like Eco8, electrified Raptor etc run at 30 to 40 amps continuous and 50 to 60 amps peak.
The big kahunas like the Logos or the Ion run 60 to 75 amps cont with surges in excess of 100 amps.
Battery prices with Lipos are still up there. Look at U$600 for a LiPoly pack for the Ion. The small birds are much better in the cost department with LoPolys being actually cheaper to operate than Nixx. The ones in the middle can go either way.
Look at vastly reduced prices for LiPolys in 2004 as the Chinese factories come online and consumer products switch away from Nicad and Nimh. The U$600 Ion pack should fall to under U$300.


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12-21-2003 05:27 AM  14 years agoPost 3
Brian Bennett

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My Ikarus eco

Hacker B50-14L and 10 cells Cp 2400's running a 1650 headspeed draws 20.5 amps at hover.


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12-21-2003 05:32 AM  14 years agoPost 4


Chandler, AZ

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Your numbers may be a little high, My quickie with a hacker C50 hovers at 20 amps @ 16vdc

I recently flew a hawk prototype with a C50 in it that ran at 16amps @24vdc

I also flew a nice logo 10 recently with purple power that ran about 15 amps @ 16vdc.

I have seen 50 amps on my C50-15L when running it in the shop with full load to test pinions.

You can keep your current levels significantly lower by jacking the voltage up.

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12-21-2003 07:56 PM  14 years agoPost 5
Glenn in Den

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Do a search . . . I read a post about a month ago here on RR. It was a Joker with an onboard amp-meter. I think they recorded high 60's or even into the low 70's for amperage!!!

Electric's time is coming! I can't wait!!


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12-21-2003 09:27 PM  14 years agoPost 6
Eddi E. aus G.


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@ fritzthecat ... you know what your're talkin' of?

A rule-of-thumb is about 100 W per kg for electrics.

Which I can show with my .60 size Silence weighing 4.6 kgs
It takes 12 to 15 A cont @ 36 V nominal which makes for flight times of 9-11 mins (normal flight) with Sanyo RC 2000 or RC 2400 nicds.

If you go aerobatic, you might take 1.5 kW or more which makes for 45++ amps peak for a .60 of the weight of mine ... if the Logo with 30 cells or the like took 75 cont and up to 100 peak they would fly 2-3 mins off nicds or nimhs ... don't take the rating of the escs for the real power consumption ...

Take your experience and do the maths (remember P=U*I) for smaller ships and you'll find 100 W/kg approx. right.

No offense meant, I just also think your numbers are a bit off for the average flyer.

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