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03-24-2015 01:19 AM  6 years ago


Malta,New York, USA

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Bearing holder question
Hi Stan!

Well now I have a problem. I know you asked me that bearing holder question for a reason, the problem is I am not smart enough to know what that reason is.I have a group of 4 bearing holders for the 5mm drive shaft that will be on top of the frame (I welded the holder plates to the frame) and then I have 2 bearings that mount internally in the upswept tail tube. Having never steered me wrong in the past, the question is therefore aimed right back at you....hahaha... what do you recommend? My initial thought was to leave them off because I was worried the powdercoat might freeze them or at a minimum significantly increase the friction. As always any advice is greatly appreciated !!!!!
03-24-2015 02:10 AM  6 years ago


Sherwood, Arkansas

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Bearing Blocks
I was just wondering what you are going to use and how you would mount them...
I would have to agree that the powder coat would look great, but unless you could cover the holes, you could definitely run into problems... I did paint mine after they were installed, and actually the paint has been good...they are showing a little "weathering" now, and adding to the scale appearance..
Keep it going.. it is looking great...

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