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I am thinking of getting a third heli( have 2 venture 30s) I really like the ccpm mixing and am considering a voyager....are there any other 50-60 size helis out there with ccpm mixing that youve had good luck with....or shold I not be so hung up on the ccpm thing..



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I started with a Raptor 30 and then went to a Voyager 50 and up to a Vigor CS with a 91 in it. As far as the CCPM, I was sceptical of it at first since all I knew about was the direct control the raptor had but found it very easy to deal with and I like the way it shares the loads over multiple servos. I use 8231's on all the M/R controls so it seems alot smoother than the raptor control system but there isn't really any comparison in the quality or a voyager and a raptor. I'm not badmouthing the raptor but once you build a voyager you will understand. I'm sure I'll get the flame thrower for it but oh well. The Voyager is a great heli, you wont be disappointed. If you dont mind ordering from overseas you should look at the IMZ Voyager, WOW! My buddy has one and it's unreal. Metal everything, carbon everything, all the controls are push pull like the Vigor CS. The side frames are not like the standard Voyager either. It's really sweet. You should see the head!! Unreal. Good luck in whatever you choose.

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You could also add Fury and Predator to the list.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › 50 or 60 size heil
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