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Fort Erie Ontario

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Merry Xmas everyone
I will be getting a new hawk sport for xmas ( haven't got the old one off the ground for too long in one piece yet but I'm trying) I wil be using an os 32 engine and a jr 652 radio Question what gyro and servo's would be recommended I have been restricted to an allowance on heli stuff so I have to keep price reasonable.

thanks jim

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12-19-2003 02:20 AM  14 years agoPost 2


Honolulu, Hawaii

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If you plan to keep flying helicopter in the future, then I would recomend the Futaba gy401/9253 combo. It's the best bang for the buck. Also if you upgrade to a bigger helicopter you can still use this gyro in that one too. You can find it on-line for under $200.00. I found a few of them for $169.00 on ebay. I bought a Futaba gy601/9251 combo from the same person for $277.00 and it was shipped to me within a week. The cheapest combo I found this week is $189.99 including shipping. Here is the link to see it.

Take Care,
Cheers, Patrick

12-19-2003 03:24 AM  14 years agoPost 3


In a van, down by the river

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Heliproz also sells the GY401/9253 for $189.99 and free shipping. You get a warranty if you buy it from them.

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