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12-18-2003 01:07 PM  14 years agoPost 1
Peter G


Runcorn, Cheshire, UK

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I have just aquired a used pro 2k, and have been looking for anyone else who still has one.I was after advice on pitch?throttle curves etc, but cannot find any info any were.
Everybody seems to have traded there Pro for an Exteme.
The Fury Gasser looks good on what i have seen, i may just wait until that comes out!!!!

12-18-2003 01:52 PM  14 years agoPost 2


Easley, South Carolina

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The Pro 2K is a very fine and precision machine. Many pilots still prefer it to all others. The Pro 2K is a bit more expensive to buy and fix after a crash than a Fury. SInce the Fury performs so well and is less expensive, many pilots have sold their Pro's and gotten Furys, but hold the Pro's in very high respect as a fine machine. The Pro does not use CCPM mixing that most want either.

e-mail me (or PM) and I will be glad to help you with your new Pro!

The Fury gas is going to be a show winner. It uses CCPM and is designed to do serious 3-D as well as any type of flying your want to do.


BIGRCR- John Garst

12-18-2003 11:39 PM  14 years agoPost 3



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I just sold my pro2K to buy a tempest FAI.

The pro2k is a magnificent machine that I regret selling (however I couldnt afford both).

You will never regret buying it from the second you have your first flight.

Smooth, Stable, Fast describe what I think of this beautiful machine.


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12-19-2003 09:16 PM  14 years agoPost 4



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I still flying a pro2k
love that heli!
i flow fai with it and in the last two monthes 3D all the way!
with the OS91 this mashine rocks!
i also put hard dampers ( with the two points) and it fly great.

but i think that i will sell it in the future for a fury....(-:

you can see my galley for alot of pro2k pics (we have 4 at our field).

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12-20-2003 12:36 AM  14 years agoPost 5


Huntersville, NC

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I traded my Fury Extreme for a Pro2K. The opposite of what seems to be the trend. Now I can't imagine going back to a Fury - unless I can afford to keep my Pro2K.

Here's my setup:

8.18 gearing
GV1 gov
700mm V-blades
Pro2 paddles with no weights
100mm NHP tail blades
Hover/Normal: 1450 RPM, +10,0,-10
Idle-up 1: 1750 RPM, +10,0,-10
Idle-up 2: 1900 RPM, +10,0,-10
Throttle Hold: +12,0,-10

Have you flown your Pro2K yet? I don't think you have because you would be raving about it instead of expressing doubts. You own one of the finest machines available. Just fly it!


12-20-2003 01:06 AM  14 years agoPost 6


Richmond, VA, USA

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Try this.

a) Brand new P2K or other premium mCCPM (fixed swash models are as scarce as hen's teeth these days) model with new 9252's.

b) Brand new eCCPM model of any brand with new 9252's.

Model "a" will have almost zero control interaction.
Model "b" will have very little with the sound geometries present in most current models.

Fly each model for several cases of fuel. An easy task for people who fly contests and practice hard.

Go back and check the interaction.

Model "a" STILL has little or no interacton, the same as when it and its servos were new.

Model "b"- well, those servos aren't so well matched any more. So out come the pmixes and ATV tweaks - the trade offs for the greater simplicity and control power of CCPM. And you'll still never have the almost complete, nonchanging absence of control interaction present in the mCCPM Pro IIK, at least not with the servos and transmitters we have now.

Before I get burned at the stake for this, I fly both eCCPM and mCCPM successfully. I've just learned to pick and choose the pluses and minuses of each control technique. Neither is perfect.

Ben Minor

12-20-2003 01:26 AM  14 years agoPost 7


Miri, Malaysia

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The Pro2K is still the smoothest flyer in my fleet. I love it! Hate to crash it...but it is a very good all round quality heli. One thing to note, the screw that holds the elevator control arm needs to be change to a longer thread and RED loctite. I almost crash the heli because the damn screw fell off! Thank goodness I've just finished my wild 3D flying and was 1 foot off the ground when the heli lost all forward/backward control. I would advise all Pro2K owners to check the screw periodically.

12-20-2003 02:15 AM  14 years agoPost 8


Boise, Idaho

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Pro 2K
Once you fly this piece art artwork you will never want to fly another bird.I have one and absolutly love it. It is a very stable bird in all orientaions and very precise. However Dannyfly is correct check that screw. Also if you need help with the setup please email me at and i will walk you through it.

Good Luck

12-21-2003 03:42 AM  14 years agoPost 9


Colorado USA

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I have two, one with ys80 and 8.45, and the other with ys 61 and 9.3. one was a pro II that I have added the few parts to make it a 2K and the other was a 2K, they both fly great very smoth and very 3D capible, my pro with 61 is in for repairs after a radio problem, but will soon be back on line, I also have a tempest with ys91 but I have not flown it yet, needs a gyro and reciever is on the way.

12-22-2003 06:33 PM  14 years agoPost 10



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I basicaly agree with everyone else here -- I love it. I am not even much of a pilot but i bought one because i found that with all my other machines i inevitably end up buying every upgrade thats avilable which means that they all pretty much end up costing a similar amount to a new Pro-2K whereas there is nothing to upgrade on the Pro-2K. Plus you get the added advantage of the performance the Pro-2k gives you. I just couldnt believe the difference between flying (even after total upgrading) my Raptor 50 V2, Joker CX, Logo 20, Hornet, Nexus and a Shuttle; its like all of a sudden there are these invisible tracks in the sky that the Pro-2K flies allong.

I am running a YS91 at 7.5:1 with a Ximmerman muffler - the sound is fabulous and the power is awesome plus if you have to do an Auto it practicaly does it for you I just couldnrt believe the way it floats down with seemingly endless reserves. Overall it will make you feel and look like a better pilort than you are. I better stop now cos i can go on forever about this machine and that tends to get a bit boring.

Cheers Nigel

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12-22-2003 06:48 PM  14 years agoPost 11

rrElite Veteran

Chicago, Illinois

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Gone with the older models and in with the newer ones.

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