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01-22-2015 09:51 PM  3 years agoPost 1
Gas Power


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I am trying to setup my 3gx, v3 I think, I have test flown but it has a wobble. I lowered the POTS and it seems to get better but now I am at "0" and don't have any further to go on the pots. Its not flyable but still wobbles. Both POTS are at "0"

Please Help. Mounted on the Blade 550x

01-22-2015 10:02 PM  3 years agoPost 2
Jim Cimino

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NE Pennsylvania

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I think you need to upgrade to v5.0

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01-24-2015 09:13 PM  3 years agoPost 3


Cedar Rapids, IA

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Version 5.0 software for starters. Put the pots back at default before you load.

What helicopter, what mounting tape, and how much?

Wobble may not be gyro at all, but you may be running head speed too low and/or you need to grease the feathering shaft and dampers.

When you install V5.0, hover your heli with the tail gyro set for Rate mode. Adjust the tail rotor linkage until the heli doesn't want to yaw left or right.

Land, re-set your endpoint limits. Go back to heading hold and enjoy.

Aha -- I see it's a Blade 550X.


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