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01-25-2015 03:54 PM  3 years agoPost 21


Tenaha, Tx USA

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To fly backwards he simply pulls back on the stick??? When I try that it results in a long repair session lol.

"Just because nobody complains doesn't mean all parachutes are perfect."

01-25-2015 04:45 PM  3 years agoPost 22


Burleson, TX - USA

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anyone notice the Black DX18?

I just don't know about that boy.

01-25-2015 05:05 PM  3 years agoPost 23

rrElite Veteran

New York- USA

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That's an old routine.....isin't it?
Leave him alone. You never know...there's probably some who haven't heard it.

Team POP Secret

01-26-2015 01:14 AM  3 years agoPost 24
Bert Kammerer


Orlando, Florida

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Thanks for the positive comments guys.

Please keep in mind, this was done for a mainstream audience that has absolutely no knowledge of RC helicopters, so the terms used and the explanations had to be borderline stupid to make it work.

For all of you in the hobby, it is indeed a stupid video segment, the maneuvers are simple and easy, the terminology is at times incorrect and the commentary dumb, but this is the only way to approach this when the target audience is just a normal person and not a hobby person.

This was shot outside of London, England almost 2 years ago, it took an entire day of shooting to just get 2+ minutes of TV I don't think it accomplished anything, but the more we promote our hobby in a good way, the better. I believe normal/average people should be educated about this hobby a bit more, I am afraid we will see some bad regulations in the future and I would sure hope to do my best to avoid that from happening.


01-26-2015 04:47 AM  3 years agoPost 25


san francisco, ca

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I don't there's anything to apologize for here, Bert. I think you made it very accessible while capturing the cool parts of the hobby well. We've all tried to explain stuff to people outside of the hobby, and this video is well at the top of the heap, in that regard.

My plan is to share this with people who are curious about the hobby.

I also liked when you cited the funnel as one of your favorite moves.

With all the complex and trendy moves, the funnel really is one the most "purely magical" that's as fun and amazing to fly as it is to watch. I enjoyed being reminded of that. We had some new spectators today and I just did some funnels and I think they enjoyed them a lot.

I also thought the commentators brought something to the party. Any little miss in correctness was insignificant.

Great addition, and will spread the word. I agree that now is a critical time for us to get out some awareness of the hobby.

oops, bounced it!

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HomeAircraftHelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Bert Kammerer on the Science channel...
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