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hey gang, i've been hovering my hb quite a bit and, thanks to you all, have got it flying great. i'm getting a bit braver now and starting to try little bursts of forward flight and i think i must be running in to the pitch-up problem. i haven't fitted a head stiffener yet but i plan to make one like rot8 shows on his website. maybe you can tell me if this is the problem i am experiencing.

when i pitch the nose down to start moving forward, the heli picks up speed right away, but if i don't hold quite a bit of forward stick into it, it immediately pitches up past center and will begin to fly backwards in a hurry if i don't correct it. i never experienced anything like this with my ergo, it would just hold its pitch attitude at neutral cyclic. is this the pitch-up problem caused by the cone-shaped rotor disk? it's really unnerving when i'm already nervous enough about flying in a straight line to begin with...

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