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01-10-2015 05:00 PM  5 years ago
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London united kingdom

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MA forum gone quiet
We all know that M.A is no more but did not expect the forum to go quiet almost instantly, like the line of helicopters never existed, even robbe and kyosho still have some activities, it is like people are angry and can't be bothered.
01-10-2015 05:45 PM  5 years ago


East of the Equator

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Well I was angry and sad when Miniature Aircraft went under.
I have two gassers still in operation,,a Spectra and an old 1005.
I wanted a Whiplash gasser but was going to wait another year and they folded. As great as the Whiplash gasser was/is I am glad I didn't get one only because the Whip wasn't out long enough to even come close to saturating the market with spare parts. For the older models parts are in a large warehouse,,in my case all over the USA. When I heard of their impending closing I stocked up on parts,,gears ,spindles,main shafts etc.
I even bought another used 1005 for parts.
I converted my Spectra to fly bar less and a Bavarian Demon unit. What a treat flying the Spectra is!
I am keeping my 1005 with a flybar for old times sake. Flybar heli's are becoming rare at the field!
In my case Min Air lives on!!
Setup is everything, All my heli's can fly far better than I can pilot them
01-10-2015 06:37 PM  5 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Killeen, Texas - USA

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look at the Century forum... its the same 5-6 boobs always barking other than that its quiet too.

Guess models need to be moving among pilots for questions and comments to pop up... if there is little interest or no aparent issues, guess there are no posts.

I was lucky, I had saved enough and had enough with my tax return to pull the trigger on a WhipGas... the check was due to me in March... but they folded in Feb. So I dodged a loss there.
showing a preference will only get you into trouble, 90% of everything is crap...
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