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Oak Ridge, TN

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I have two building question.

I disassembled the rotor head to double check that everything was in place. While reassembling it, I have run into two problems.

1. When installing one of the bell mixers to the main grip (step 8), it does not tighten all the way. It screws all the way in but never tightens. Is this normal, because the other side does. I used slow CA on both since this is metal to plastic.

2. When building the flybar yoke (step 10) the double ended ball link spins in it's socket after being tightened down. Is this normal, because it does not do this on the other side. Again I used CA for metal to plastic.

Should I worry about these parts coming apart in flight.

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rrElite Veteran

Port Charlotte, FL. USA

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I'm building the Predator 60, and both parts went in all the way and are tight. I would contact Century, from what I've read on RR they are very helpful and stand behind there product and will most likely replace them.


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rrElite Veteran

Hurst Texas

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sounds like you stripped both items, ...yikes. This is not good. You can not have balls moving or it will cut into the screws.

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Neither of these bolts should spin and not tighten. From what you have posted, it sounds like they are both stripped. I suggest you contact Century, ask for tech support, and see what they suggest. I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but from what you have said, that's all the help I can give.

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rrElite Veteran

Houston, TX

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Ask for Dennis Cica and tell him Payton sent you. I personally think the flybar control arm will be fine if you CA'd it together. But, the Bell mixer should tighten down about as good as you would expect a metric bolt to hold in hardened plastic.

Call them up and see if they can send you a new grip. You will probably have to send your old one in. They will most likely send you a new and charge our card on file. Then, when the return comes in they will credit the card.


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