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12-27-2014 10:36 PM  5 years ago
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JR MPH83Gwv Tail Servo
I recently bought a Hall Effect (instead of a pot) JR tail servo. It is exactly like the MP82G tail servo except for the Hall Sensor. The box has a warning not to mount the servo near a magnet or high current wire. I mounted it in the usual place on a TREX 600N. The fields from the other servos, BLS451, had no effect on it. It performs at least as well as the MP82G which is very nice.

I assume that mounting this servo very near an e-heli motor or wiring would screw it up but have no idea how close that would have to be. I think it would be fine mounted on the tail boom of an e-heli.

Potless servos have interested me since 1967. Optical servos would of course be better since they would be immune to magnetic fields. The failure points of servos (non-crash related) are the motor brushes and the pot. We now have brushless motors and are just starting to see replacements for pots.
12-28-2014 12:07 AM  5 years ago

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