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12-22-2014 03:44 PM  5 years ago
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rrElite Veteran

E. Amherst, NY

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2014 - how is everyone's progress in flying?
This year I got a total of 546 flights with 16 crashes. 2 crashes are major that has a repair bill of over $150. The rest are either medium or minor. Among those 16 crashes, three just happened over the last weekend What a bad weekend!.

The major accomplishment this year is that my brain starts clicking in with the full piro flip. It used to be far beyond reach, but now I am able to do it even though it still needs a lot of improvements.
12-22-2014 04:42 PM  5 years ago


Ft Worth, TX

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Don't know many flights, but many 100's. 2 pilot error crashes, 2 incidents caused by equipment troubles.

I learned tail-down fast tic-tocs this year, and am in the process of trying to get my timing correct in nice rainbows - still not very good at them. Learned inverted hover last year, and still practice that a lot.
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12-23-2014 08:58 AM  5 years ago


lockport, new york usa

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2014 was pretty good for me as far as becoming a much more proficient pilot. I worked on a lot of pirouetting manuevers such as pirouetting figure eights, piroflipping and just pirouetting in a hover upright and inverted. Iv`e gotten better at 4 point tictocs and learned a few new transition manuevers that look pretty neat too. It`s very satisfying when you learn something new and very rewarding as well. I always set aside certain goals I like to achieve while i`m flying. I hardly ever go out to fly just to fly, I always try to better myself and move forward. (TRY TO!) 2015 might be the year to finally get into and learn aerobatic autorotations.Russ
12-23-2014 06:20 PM  5 years ago

rrKey Veteran

South Korea

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I was a little dissapointed in myself this year. I think I've only flown about 40-50 flights for the whole year. But, one good thing is I flew my very first 700 size FBL E machine. So that's some progress.

I've always been a Nitro gal for big helis since E's aren't cheap. But, I finally gave in on a Forza 700 and I love it
12-23-2014 06:45 PM  5 years ago


Nazareth, PA

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Reduced fleet size
Bought a 450
VBAR control!
Starting to auto more
4 point tic tocs
Not to many crashes
Good year, but kind of feel progress is slowing.
I have a 3D heli, I don't understand why it doesn't do 3D.
12-23-2014 06:47 PM  5 years ago
wc_wickedclown (RIP)


long beach calif

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maybe 10 crashes this year all minor

ive accomplished for point tick tocs now im working on funnels and piro flips
Insha Allah made in america
12-24-2014 04:04 AM  5 years ago


Franklin, MA - USA

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Flight log
The last couple of years Hillbilly started a gasser flight log for us on the other freaky site, "2014 flight log". I've been updating it religiously with every outing from 1/1/2014. I'm almost there for this year, looking forward to reaching my goal of 1000 flights. Here is a cut and paste of the last post:
Today's weather, overcast with occssional light rain (snow was better yesterday) and light wind, warmer at 43 degrees down to 42F. The wind gusted to 9mph, felt a little chilly when it did with the damp raw weather. Today's score is a 6 out of 10.

Whiplash = 2
Spectra-g = 2
Jeremy's 450 = 1

2014 count:

FPV Stingray = 22
FPV Taylorcraft = 17
Furion 450 = 9
King Combat = 5
Logo 600 = 17
MA 1005 = 236, crash SAVE 5/30/2014 failed tail rotor gearbox, crash SAVE 6/16/2014, tail grip flew off.
minor crash 10/27/2014, pilot error too aggressive with aerobatic autos blew the head.
Morris Knife = 8
Robinson R44 = 30 minutes
Spectra-g = 300
Sukhoi = 3
Synergy E6 = 14
Taylorcraft = 10, crashed 3/4/2014
Ultrasport = 9
Whiplash = 288, minor crash 4/9/2014, minor crash 8/1/2014, popped link SAVE 9/27/2014
Al's Trex 550e = 1
Alex's Spectra = 3
Allen's Skyhero = 2
Ansy's Whiplash = 4
Devon's HD Cell 500 = 1
Errol's Whiplash = 2
Fadi's Vario XLV = 3
Jared's Whiplash = 13
Jason's Logo 400 = 1
Jeremy's 450 = 2
Jeremy's DA50 Edge 540 = 1
Jeremy's Whiplash = 1
Joe's profile = 1
John's Carbon-Z Cub = 2
John's Cub = 1
John's FPV Quad = 1
Mark's trainer = 1
Mike's Radikal 20 = 2
Pete's Whiplash #1 = 2
Pete's Whiplash #2 = 3
Ray's Agile 7.2 = 1
Rick's Whiplash = 1
Rudy's Goblin Gasser = 1
Tom's Goblin Gasser = 1
Tyrus's Whiplash = 1

Total = 989
Gallons Mixed = 86.50

11 flights 9 days -- Need 1.22 flights per day to reach my goal but no flying the next 3 days it seems due to rain. I need to go to NY to visit my sister so I'm looking at a 2 score game right now to get to 1000 flights.

The Spectra got crowned 300 flights for the year today, YAY! The whiplash is a close 2nd, and the 1005 the distant 3rd. I'll put some time on the whippy to catch her up.

So FINALLY I get pictures of the Hawk, he's getting very comfortable at the field. You can see him on top of my TV Antenna windsock stand there, and I managed to get pictures of Jeremy's whippy scooting by back and forth which looked cool, the sideways one I caught Jeremy's heli in an auto decent Its a good thing Jeremy is not a mouse, as out of nowhere the hawk showed him the element of surprise and swooshed right on top of his head on his way down from the windsock to the left end of the runway.

This thread has pictures, videos, stories and day to day events. Looks like I got 3 saves and 3 minor crashes for the year, plus one airplane crash (flew into the trees on the base leg misjudging them).

11 more flights to go, I HAVE to do it now. Planning to go out Friday and Saturday to log 11 tanks through my gassers. Each one of those flights is around 20 minutes, so in a day about 5 is average, 7 would be alot and have the feeling of overflown for the day. That's how slow those things come...

MA 1005 Hanson 2703D, 4300 flts
Spectra 27 3DMax, 3422 flts
Whiplash V1-2 Hanson 300, 1890 flts
Whiplash V2 Hanson 300, 800 flts
12-24-2014 04:11 AM  5 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Torrington, CT

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It's been up and downJust remember -- if the world didn't suck, we would fall off.
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12-24-2014 04:15 AM  5 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Surprise, AZ USA

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I wish I had a repair bill about 150. No crash is less than 250 for me. More like 4-500. Got to the point where I gave up the hobby for now. Too much repair costsHeliDirect Field Rep, Synergy N7 w/ OS 105, Torq Servos, Cyclone/ Rail blades
12-24-2014 04:40 AM  5 years ago


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Bad year for getting enough flying in. Work and other hobbies compete for my time.
12-24-2014 08:29 AM  5 years ago


Jacksonville, Florida

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Not to much flying for me as well. Been busy with the family taking trips and doing other stuff like working on my project car that has been neglected for awhile now. As far as next year I think I am going to spend alot of time on the sim and better my flying and not have the expense of crashing my expensive helis like my 700N and Avant Aurora that I just rebuilt.Trying not to put them in the dirt.
12-24-2014 07:13 PM  5 years ago


Indiana -- USA

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I put in a lot more flights this year. Tried some different things this year that I haven't done in the past. That caused a lot of crashes. Worked on forward inverted flight a lot along with inverted hovering. I'm pretty comfortable with forward inverted now. Tried backwards inverted but didn't progress as much as I would have liked. Did backwards loops and worked on flips. Ended with a lot of crashes. I've been improving a little each year so
I'm happy with that.
12-24-2014 10:07 PM  5 years ago


St. George Utah

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must be arthritis kikin in
My progress sucks! did a lot of flying;had a lot of fun;even got some sunburns! but my funnels still suck and my tick-tocs still look like a metronome! I'm like a golfer who develops a bad swing and can't afford a pro to correct me! Merry Christmas guys!
I do a great decending funnel!
12-25-2014 02:24 PM  5 years ago



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I feel like progress is slow at this point...

I did get Piro flips lower and more controlled. Getting old sux!
12-25-2014 04:50 PM  5 years ago



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Still nose in hover, and inverting tail in and nose in.Flight time was restricted due to not have field equipment. I say about 150 flights 2 crashesanthony jackson
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