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Does the link to the servos needs to be parallel to the shaft too?

I know the links have to be 90 degrees with the servo horns. but I am not sure if the links needs to be parallel (straight) to the shaft or not?

my servo just won't allow perfectly straight links. it is at a slight angle away from the shaft. is that ok?

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Servo arms
The servo arms may not be a perfect 90 degrees to the linkages. Depnding on how you set the servos when you placed the mounting tape. Mine are at a slight upward angle.

I set my paddles flat and attached the arm to the servo based on that. The same for the rear servo. (Sorry, I haven't gotten the correct terms for which servo goes to which function cyclic, collective etc..)
I placed the HB on the floor and slowly added throttle. Then watch how it reacted and made the adjustment from there.

hope this helps

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Vancouver BC Canada

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It really depends on the size of the micro servo you got....if it is smaller than the servo mounts then you have room to play around untill you get it close to horizontal (to the links). This allows for more precise control.

Sometimes the size of the servo just doesnt allow for any movement in this case you will have to use the trim to acheive level fight.

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