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12-15-2003 05:43 PM  14 years agoPost 1


wilbraham, mass

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last year i bought a nexus 30, with no experience last year
i took it up, i did ok for a few minutes i got a little out of control
and decided to put it down, well with my lack of experience
i put it down a little to fast and had a boom strike.
I have since bougth a simulator, and my X.R.B lama
and doing fine with both.
What should i set my min pitch at ?
Should i put some negative pitch -2 or -3
or should i set it to 0 ?
And my clutch is slipping, i replaced it with a good used
one from all the extra parts that came with the one i bought.
Well the used one does the same.
I was thinking maybe, to much pitch and not enoug rpm ?
I bought a new clutch lining and want to make sure
i dont smoke it.

12-15-2003 11:16 PM  14 years agoPost 2


Shelby, Ohio

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I too am a beginner, but I can tell ya what I have learned.

Set your low pitch to 0, of you set it at -2 or less you may push yourself right into the ground. One other thing to think about that I thought was good advise that was givin to me... After setting my low pitch, I made sure that my high pitch was no more than 5 (Instead of 8 or 10). This way you can't take off too fast or too high. You do this by programming your TX. The theory for this is so you only go a foot or so off the ground. I found that it didn't hold me to that, but it did help from going up 5 or 6 feet real fast then coming down faster!

I can't really give ya good advise on the clutch, as I have not had to fool around with mine yet.

12-17-2003 02:26 AM  14 years agoPost 3


Houston Texas @ JSC field

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nexus setup
the nexus has a clutch that requires more rpm to engage. So just run it on up and it will turn the blades. Also your lower pitch should be -1 or -2 degrees to allow you to decend. If you set it at 0 then it will tend to fly and not settle in idle up. Your upper pitch should be +5 or 6. You dont need more until you start 3d.

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