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› Kosmik 160/200HV Firmware Upgrade Procedure from V2 to V3/4/5 using the ProgDisc/ProgUnit
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This document has been somewhat superceded by the discontinuation of the ProgDisc with the advent of the ProgUnit. So, when I get a ProgUnit, I will update this doc as necessary.


I am in no way connected with Kontronik, but am just an "end user".
As such, this procedure has not been endorsed by Kontronik.

This procedure was developed to augment the "sketchy" Kontronik instructions that frustrated me to no end....

But it works reliably for me...time after time.

So, in "cook-book" steps....

Procedure for Upgrading the Kontronik Kosmik 160/200HV ESC from V4.2 to V4.3/4.4/4.5 including ProgDisc Upgrade to Version 1.09 and using the ProgUnit

Revision Dates:


1) Setup conditions

a) A fully charged, known to be good, 12S main battery pack

b) ProgDisc adapter cable(not included) for ProgDisc's ESC 2 cable(female leads at both ends, which can be easily fabricated(2 servo extension cables), if your LHS doesn't have one, a Kontronik "torroid" cable is ideal

c) It is assumed that the Kosmik 160/200HV Version 4.3/4.4/4.5 firmware has been downloaded, "unpacked", and saved to your PC/Laptop

d) It is also assumed that the ProgDisc Version 1.09 firmware has been downloaded, "unpacked", and saved to your PC/Laptop

e) In this procedure, Windows 7 Pro OS was used...the OS is not as important as the steps followed exactly in order in this procedure

f) This Kosmik 200HV clearly identifies the signal polarity orientation of the Master/Slave SBEC ports, i.e. Y/R/B.....Y=signal, R=Pwr, B=Gnd.....regardless of connector shape...the signal wire(Y) should be oriented towards the main battery pack connection lugs on your Kosmik


2) Upgrading the ProgDisc to Version 1.09 (REQUIRED FIRST)

a) Don't connect the ProgDisc to the Kosmik 200HV yet

b) Execute the ProgDisc Version 1.09 Firmware Updater

c) The updater screen(V 1.09) should appear on your PC/Laptop, with the "update" button" un-selectable

d) Connect the supplied USB cable to the ProgDisc

e) Press and hold the ProgDisc button until it's green LED changes to red(approximately 5 seconds...wait for the red)

f) Release the ProgDisc button and you should hear the sound of a USB connection on your PC/ addition, the green/red LEDs on the ProgDisc will be alternatingly should also notice that the "update" button on the Upgrader menu is now selectable(after a few seconds) with the ProgDisc display blank(white screen on mine)

g) Click the "update" button.....a box will appear with German text...but the "yes/no" button is in "yes"on the left button

h) After a few seconds, a "progress" window will appear on "top" of the Upgrader window...showing that the upgrade is should be moving slowly as the upgrade progresses....Don't touch the ProgDisc or your PC/Laptop

i) After the "progress" window completes, it will disappear and you will notice the "Update" button on the Upgrader menu is now un-selectable....also, upon upgrade completion, you will notice a more rapid flashing of the green/red ProgDisc LEDs(momentarily), followed by two ProgDisc Menu display changes and then the ProgDisc will have a message displaying "USB active" with the green LED on solid and the red LED off

j) Your ProgDisc Version 1.09 upgrade is now the ProgDisc button for approximately 3 seconds.....and release ...and the ProgDisc will turn off...and you should hear a USB disconnection sound from your PC/Laptop

k) Terminate the Upgrader app

l) Disconnect the ProgDisc from its USB cable

m) After your upgrade, you can now use your ProgDisc to reset your Kosmik 200HV to factory defaults…if needed.

n) This procedure can be repeated, any time as necessary, if you think its firmware is somehow malfunctioning

3) Resetting the Kosmik 200HV to its factory defaults

a) Disconnect the ProgDisc from its USB cable

b) Connect the ProgDisc ESC 2 cable to the Kosmik Master SBEC output port using the appropriate adapter cable (not supplied). Also, ensure that the Kosmik Slave SBEC output port is not connected to anything

c) Connect your main battery pack to the Kosmik and then press and release the ProgDisc button

d) Ignore the EEPROM error message(if it appears) will disappear after a few seconds....and the ProgDisc Main Menu will appear, with both green/red LEDs flashing at the same time together

e) Press and release the ProgDisc button(with "Programming" highlighted) and the "Programming" Menu will appear ensure that you highlight "RESET"

f) Press and release the ProgDisc button(with "RESET" highlighted) and the "Discard current configuration" Menu appears

g) Highlight "Yes" and then press and release the ProgDisc button...if you press the button with "No" highlighted, the ProgDisc "Programming" Menu will appear re-appear.....I assume this is to prevent an accidental reset which will erase any parameters previously entered

h) The ProgDisc LEDs will now alternately flash for less than a second, and the ProgDisc will momentarily display a message that indicates that the Kosmik was successfully reset to its default parameters

i) After a few seconds, the ProgDisc will display its "Programming" Menu

j) Press and hold the ProgDisc button for a few seconds and release to turn the ProgDisc off....disconnect your main battery pack as well as your ProgDisc to ESC cable adapter from the Kosmik

k) If performing Step 3) results in an error message("Failed to Save", don't panic.......procede with Step 4)....and then repeat Step 3) and the reset should be successfully performed

4) Upgrading the Kosmik 160/200HV from V4.2 to V4.3/4.4/4.5

a) Setup Conditions

i) Disconnect any leads from the Kosmik 160/200HV Master and Slave SBEC output ports

ii) Use a fully charged battery pack(using a 12S pack here)

iii) Using the ProgDisc, a Kosmik 160/200HV reset was peformed (after Step 2) to demonstrate the repeatability of this reset might be optional in your mine, the ProgDisc indicated that the Kosmik 160/200HV was successfully reset as performed in Step 3)...........refer to Step 3), Section m).......if any problem occurs during the "RESET" of the Kosmik

iv) You can upgrade from V4.2 to V4.3/4.4/4.5 directly, no need for the intermediate versions, depending on your situation

b) Using the adapter cable(not included), connect the ProgDisc ESC 2 cable to the Kosmik 160/200HV Master SBEC output port...ensure that the USB cable to the ProgDisc is disconnected for now...also ensure that only the ProDisc is connected to your Kosmik 160/200HV and observe proper polarity(signal wire towards the main battery pack lugs)

c) Connect your main battery pack to the Kosmik 160/200HV

d) Run the Kosmik Firmware Updater 4.3/4.4/4.5....the "Update" button will appear un-selectable at this point....Only use the Updater Version for the upgrade you will be performing...4.3 for a 4.3 Upgrade, etc.

e) Press and release the ProgDisc button....ignore the EEPROM error message(if it appears)...and after a few seconds, the ProgDisc Main Menu will appear...and highlight "Programming"

f) Connect the USB cable to the should hear a USB connection sound from your PC/Laptop...and you should see a message on the ProgDisc saying "USB active" after a few seconds

g) The Kosmik 160/200HV app menu will show that the "Update" button is now selectable....and the Upgrader app will display the current firmware revisions in the upper left corner of the Updater app....ProgDisc = 1.9 and "Regler" = 4.2...

For verification of a succesfull upgrade, Steps a) through g) only, as described in this section, can be repeated to look for "Regler" = 4.3/4.4/4.5 after upgrading

* Note 1) Once the ProgDisc firmware is upgraded to V1.09, the Kosmik Version 4.2 cannot be re-upgraded (only 4.3 can be re-upgraded, etc.)....when I tried to do so with V4.2, the upgrade progress bar "title" would always have "not responding" appended to the German text

* Note 2) If the progress bar appears with the dreaded "not responding" appended to the German text, it is safe to turn it will not "brick" your KOS...I tested that, with regards to Step 4)

* Note 3) On the other hand, if the progress bar shows the firmware update proceding properly and you turn it off, you might have just "bricked" your KOS so


* Note 4) I found that if I execute any Windows apps during the firmware upgrade, the progress on the "progress" bar will quit....and will result with the dreaded "not responding" message on the Upgrader app title bar...don't "not responding" = "you didn't "brick" it"

* Note 5) When I accidently tried to "brick" opening a Windows app or even touching a Windows app during the firmware upgrade, the dreaded "not responding" message would appear....all was ok...just re-execute this entire procedure starting at Step 1)

* Note 6) With regards to "bricking" your Kosmik, during the development of this Upgrade Procedure, my Kosmik 160/200HV should have "bricked" several times over, but somehow survived time and time I will make the bold assertion that you won't "brick" it if your follow the steps in this procedure....and that Kosmik's don't "brick" unless you slam it in the ground or something

h) Now click the "Update" button....a box will appear with German text, but the "buttons" are in "yes", the left button

i) After several seconds(be patient...wait for it), an upgrade progress window will appear....and will slowly "progress"...DON'T TOUCH THE PROGDISC OR YOUR PC/LAPTOP...during this process

j) It takes about 5 minutes for the 4.3/4.4/4.5 upgrade to complete….the progress window will disappear upon completion…..and the ProgDisc will display the usual "USB active" message with the both LEDs off

k) Press and hold the button for the approximately 3 seconds and then release to turn off the ProgDisc....and you should hear a USB disconnection sound

l) Terminate the Upgrader app, disconnect the main battery, and disconnect the ProgDisc from the Kosmik, having successfully upgraded your Kosmik to Version 4.3/4.4/4.5

m) Re-connect you Master/Slave connectors to the do use the dual SBEC leads don't you...hint, hint?

5) Suggestions using the ProgDisc(necessary with my Logo 700/800XXs)

a) After Steps 1) through 4), turn on your previously "binded" Tx

b) Connect your Master/Slave cable harness to the Master/Slave , ports on your Kosmik

c) Connect your main battery pack to your Kosmik

d) Wait for your Vbar to initialize....if the Kosmik didn't emit its "arming" tones.....don't panic....
e) Now press and release the Kosmik "Press" button

f) You should now hear the Kosmik "arming" tones

g) Perform the "APM" on the Kosmik, as described in the Kosmik manual, and then Mode 4

h) Disconnect your main battery to the Kosmik, after confirmation of "APM" complete via the Kosmik tones

i) Now using the ProgDisc, with the USB cable disconnected, Kosmik operating parameters can be adjusted….in my case, I had to reverse the rotor head direction for clockwise rotation….and set the Kosmik SBEC output to 8V….so that I can use a 2S LiPo buffer battery pack….ala the Kontronik way……in addition to other Kosmik 160/200HV parameters

j) When operating the Kosmik SBEC at 8.0V output, wait until the Kosmik initializes and emits its "arming" tones before switching on the 2S Lipo buffer battery...this is because the Kosmik defaults to 5.6V SBEC output until it arms.

k) With regards to Step 5), Section i), with only the ProgDisc connected to the Kosmik....connect the main battery and power up the ProgDisc...and adjust your parameters as needed....then press the ProgDisc button for 3 seconds and release to turn it off

l) Re-connect your Master/Slave cable harness to your Kosmik, and in my situation, I mask off and apply liquid electrical tape to minimize vibrations to these connection ports

This setup procedure has worked for me consistently, given the steps described herein

This procedure has only been tested for the Kosmik 200HV....but I am assuming it would also work for the Kosmik 160HV and the "Cool" Kosmik 160/200

6) Kosmik 160/200HV Upgrade Procedure using the ProgUnit

To be added when I get a ProgUnit...but initally:

A ProgUnit Firmware upgrade must be performed before attempting the Kosmik 160/200HV upgrade.

a) Download and "unpack" the latest ProgUnit firmware upgrade as it becomes available

b) Download and "unpack" the ProgUnit PC/Laptop interface S/W from the Kontronik website....also ensuring it's the latest version.

C) Upgrading ProgUnit S/W goes here

D) Upgrading Kosmik 160/200HV S/W will go here

E) Additional suggestions go here

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This procedure supercedes any issues as described in the older "sticky".

As long as one's ProgDisc has been updated yo V1.9, as described in this will NOT "brick" your Kos.

Please check my revision update dates.


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› Kosmik 160/200HV Firmware Upgrade Procedure from V2 to V3/4/5 using the ProgDisc/ProgUnit
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