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10-20-2014 09:10 PM  4 years ago
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gov just can't keep up- long narritave
First, this is just an emprical post. I'm not interested in trouble shooting it, as I've already got a workable solution. I just thought some of you might be interested in this. And, I'd be interested if anyone else has had issues like this.

This started with the conversion of my old trex 700N to electric. As such, I was using stuff I had laying around already to keep the costs down.

I had a YEP 120HV (YGE knockoff), and a NIB scorpion 4035-630 sitting on the shelf. motor is not ideal, but with a 10t pinion it should run 1900-2200 headspeed just fine. Not excited about running a piece of crap ESC on my 700. but, I figure worst case I have to auto it down one day.

fast forward to the field. Helicopter flies great. 1950, 2100 and 2200 headspeeds....until about the 20th flight when an audible 'POP' takes out the ESC and I auto down.

Whatever, I was 1/2 expecting that with every flight. I pick up a used phoenix 110HV (I've had great luck with them in the past. I have one on my logo 600 still) and figure this is a great time to start running the vbar gov.

I spend the next 50 flights trying to get the damned gov to work right. This isn't my first rodeo. Like I said, I have vbar gov runnning on my Logo 600 (castle firmware v4, hyperion sensor, vbar 5.2), plus vbar 5.3.4 gov w/ hobbywing phase sensor on 2 other helis running castle ESCs with current firmware...all working fine.

But, this one just can't keep up. nothing unusual in the logs, phase sensor is reading correctly in the setup, headspeed is maintained fine on the ground at zero pitch. but, as soon as I start flying and loading up the disc the headspeed drops worse than if I was just running a straight throttle curve.

I re-did the gov setup 3-4 times, and even went so far as to start a completely new setup file from scratch with the same results.

I messed with the governor settings extensively, running the gain so high it began to surge slightly...bumped up the ele and ail precomps, dynamic gain, etc. I got those so high it was causing an uneasy overspeeding as I unloaded the disc again. I could improve performance slightly, but still bogged terribly. only very smooth flight with well managed collective could keep the headspeed reasonably governed--but, still not right.

finally, I had enough. Last week I purchased a proper YGE 120HV, installed it changing nothing else except turning off the vbar gov, and enabling the YGE gov store.

Everything is flying as it was originally with the YEP 120HV...only I shouldn't pop this one (fingers crossed).

Like I said, I'm not looking to solve this issue. I'm happy with the YGE. Just curious if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this.
if it ain't broke, break it.
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HomeRC & Power✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsV-Bar › gov just can't keep up- long narritave
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