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07-06-2014 10:28 PM  6 years ago
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Vbar setup help

I could really do with some vbar users input on my Goblin 570.

I'm not a hard core 3D pilot, instead mainly light 3D and sport flying - trying to get my heli stable in a hover (particularly inverted), and yet reasonably nimble on the cyclics.

From the vbar style menu I find that between medium and precise, precise gives a very locked hover, but too locked on the cyclics for my taste. Have tried medium style which is kind of ok on the cyclic but not so locked in a hover.

Someone said to run precise mode but increase the optimiser values to add responsiveness back into the setup?

Just looking to see what settings people recommend, would really appreciate your input.

07-06-2014 11:42 PM  6 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Greenwich, CT

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You can set up your bank switch to try three different modes.
bank 1 - what you have now
bank 2 - change one parameter higher
bank 3 - change parameter even higher (or lower)

Once you have that the way you like, copy the bank you like to all banks. Then use the bank switch to 'test out' another parameter the same way.
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07-07-2014 04:36 AM  6 years ago



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If this applies to you ....
Reset your values- don't add anything to the optimizers. You should only let vbar adjust the numbers once you like the way it's flying and then turn them off.
Lower your cyclic gain- I would try like 76.
Like the other poster said about bank switches- that's good, but I would suggest going full precise on one and going down to full vivid on the other.
It helps get an idea of what it's really doing.
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