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07-05-2014 01:34 PM  6 years ago
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Charging at 1.5C
I normally charge at 1.0C for all my packs. If I increase the charge rate to 1.5C, will it shorten the life of the packs?
07-05-2014 02:17 PM  6 years ago
Ace Dude



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As long as the manufacturer says the packs can be charged at > 1C it won't be a problem. I've never seen any evidence that shows faster charge rates shorten the the life of packs.  
07-05-2014 03:02 PM  6 years ago



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I've got a thor 35c pack with almost 150 cycles at near 3c charge rates. No noticeable rise in internal resistance or change in performance. Its not the good ol days. Its the good new days.

Key is dont store them charged or get them hot. Land with 40% or so.

Think of it this way...I have three battery sets. So i can have One charging one flying and one cooling off. Lipos only last a couple years whether used or not. Their warranty is only two years. So if i want to get 300 cycles which is the minimum batteries should be good for, I need to fly 450 Times a year. I work week days. Only way 450 flights per year is going to happen for me is high charge rates.

I see folks who meticulously charge at 1c then fly until battery low voltage kicks in. Their packs puff after 50 cycles. The charging regimen is likely the least of our concern. Usage and storage are where focus is needed.

I've got one battery I accidentally got two flights out of between charges. Lv never kicked in but it took its full rated charge. Very bad. But also proves that normally I'm landing with about 50%. I never take them home charged. I charge morning before flying. That's it.
07-05-2014 03:57 PM  6 years ago



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I charge my 6S Align 450 packs at 5C!

I charge two 1300 6S in 12 minutes with my Bantam BC8DX

It's a wonderful thing!

2x 4000 4S for my 57" Extra takes 22 mins. But I'm limited at a little over 2C with those as the charger only does 9a on each port.
07-05-2014 05:32 PM  6 years ago


La Vista, NE.

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+1 to what Aaron29 said - matches my experience. My normal charge rate is 3C but I will go higher. The packs don't get hot charging.

Don't store them full or all the way empty. Don't run them flat. I do abuse my batteries but I know when I break these rules because they get hot and loose performance. I haven't seen issues with higher charge rates on batteries made in the last few years.
07-05-2014 06:46 PM  6 years ago
Dan Minick

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iv got a few sets of 6s 5000 thunder power packs i charge at 40 amp. had them over a year with no issue. always balance charge and store my packs immediatelyTeam Synergy, Team FBL Rotors-------if its not will be!
07-05-2014 07:19 PM  6 years ago


Oslo, Norway

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I charge at 2,5c, and have done for 3 years, without issues.
30-40c packs.
Warm packs cool down while charging, so I consider this a confirmation that all is good.
I always storage charge too, and never leave them with a full charge.

I'm actually listening to the annoying fan noise of ps and charger, writing this post..
Diabolo, TDR, X50e, X50n, Raptor 50
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