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07-04-2014 06:39 AM  6 years ago
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8FG question..
I noticed in my 8FG on the servo menu itself my travel is not 100-100 and my subtrim is off...

I have never had an issue with my fbl system or the way the heli flys...

however due to being anal I must fix this.. Can I just use my subtrim - end points to make it all perfect then redo my fbl setup?

This winter I will send the radio into Futaba but for now I would like to get by.
07-04-2014 02:52 PM  6 years ago


Tulsa, Oklahoma

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What FBL unit are you using if the software in the FBL unit is +100- -100 I would not be to worried you could use subtrinm and redo your setup but if you are like me I hate subtrim.Synergy E7 AMA member Team Old Farts citizen 401
07-04-2014 03:23 PM  6 years ago

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Subtrim on a FBL heli is bad and usually a sign that something is not mechanically correct with the heli setup or TX for that matter. alot of pilots that are new to FBL tend to carry over this habit to FBL where it can sometimes cause issues that may not be noticable to you, but a "pro" pilot would quickly pick up on by flying your heli.

on my setup with the CGY750 and 8FG. all my endpoints are symetical at 135, 100, 100, 135...and NO SUBTRIM.

the zeroing of the heli comes mostly from the mechanical linkages and is then fine tuned in the CGY750 menus for AIl, ELE and Swash settings.

now with my fly barred heli, I have all sorts of wacky endpoints for each servo and subtrim changes for each flight mode...and they sometimes change drastically after a crash and periodically needs fine tuning.

long live FBL for making things "easier"
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07-04-2014 03:39 PM  6 years ago
Pistol Pete


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Subtrim depends on the FBL unit.
The 750 allows for servo centering from the unit itself, a nice feature.

Some units you have to use subtrim to center servo horns at 90 while still another unit (Captron) uses subtrim to help center your stick to that of the software. Sort of calibration. (worn pots?)

On a side note...Turnbuckles are great for fine tuning.
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07-04-2014 05:13 PM  6 years ago

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cgy 750
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