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06-30-2014 07:03 PM  6 years ago
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I Need Parts !
Hi Guys

I just pick up my old Predator Carbon Gasser SE (Pre-NX),dirt cheap!, a buddy a of mine, that I sold it to, had a pretty bad crash, I have most of the parts, but I am missing some, if any of you guys have some used parts for me it would help me out a lot, I am on a low budget, this is what I need.

CN2240PP Tail Fin Set Carbon

Or HI6067G Tail Fin Set G10

HW6192 Upper Pushrod Set

HW6118A Pull Start Mount Plate

CN2354 Pull Start

HW6138 Fuel Tank Set

HI6130 Fiberglass Gelcoat Canopy

HI6131A Gas Decal Sheet

HI6133 Windshield

CN2300 The Engine Stabilization System

HC6003-3 Vertical Front Frame Carbon (LEFT)

Or HW6115BGL - V2 G10 Vertical Front Frame (Left)

HI6122D High Profile Landing Struts

Thanks mcfast
P.S. sorry for the spelling or the grammar I am dyslexic!
 1 page 509 views POST REPLY
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