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Vbar Gov Setup problem

I am setting up a Vbar ver.5.3.4b with a Spektrum DX18 in a Predator G30 Gasser and seem to have two major problems:
1. the Vbar software seems to show governor movement on the Gov 1 page and even shows the negative turning positive at 50% throttle on Normal flt mode, and always on when on the Idle up V curve. All that seems fine, but it seems to run on the Vcurve regardless of percent selected in the Radio Gov menu. The software also does not light the Gov Active light in any screen. Is that normal?
2. In the normal mode I can not keep the governor turned off regardless of menu percentage selected 0 to - 100%.
3. When I select Idle up 2 it responds like the v curve EXCEPT it also introduces about 15% of immediate up elevator every time.

Throttle and throttle trim all seem to work fine after the setup, following Mr Mels instructions

I have the following for the setup:
Vbar Pro 5.3.4
Gator Stator sensor.

Vbar Gov setup
Radio setup
Nitro Combined
Preset: Ch1/ESC/Preset
Output: Servo (No Bec)

Any thoughts on the Gov active light not lighting?
Thoughts on not being able to turn off the Gov in the normal mode?
Why the Elevator activation in Idle up 2?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Dan Minick

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from what i find your sensor may need more voltage, look at the links below. as for the throttle curve, go into the expert menus in the VBar software, you should be able to adjust to your liking or even turn them off i think.,79693,79712

Team Synergy, Team FBL Rotors-------if its not will be!

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › VBar Govenor Help
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