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04-26-2014 09:57 AM  6 years ago
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Model Avionics
I have to say that if you have not tried the Model Avionics Throttle Max it is amazing. I have ran the RevMax for years and the new version of the Throttle Max is much nicer. I was having problems trying to run the RevMax with my 8Fg radio in the governor menu with no luck. I did not realize the difference of the true digital radio trying to communicate with an older designed device. I also got the new Model Avionics RevGlow
that plugs into the ACC port that I can't wait to try out. Kurt at Model Avionics was very helpful to me with my problems so he would be to you also. I am not trying to push their products but I have been a fan for years and it is nice to deal with someone who cares.
04-26-2014 02:08 PM  6 years ago


Huntley, MT-USA

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I have the Model Avionics Throttle Max on my Whiplash Nitro. The governor works fine, although on my OS105 using a back plate sensor, the clearance from the back plate to the sensor can be touchy. The sensor cannot be mounted directly against the back plate. It needs some clearance to avoid what appears to be picking up the crank pin twice per revolution. The thing I love the most about this unit is the Rev Glow glow ignitor. No buttons to push. Just start cranking and it lights the plug. It also ignites the glow plug when you bring the throttle to idle during autos. No flame outs during auto rotations. Very cool.Older but not slower
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