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04-26-2014 06:52 AM  6 years ago
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is the e700 a good alternative to my Miniature aircraft
Hi all
3 years ago i built my house. Knowing that hobby money would be tight i bought a miniature aircraft Furion6 with the idea it shouldnt need to much up keep.And pretty tough in a crash. I flew the heli 6 times a week for 3 years and have only replaced the links on 2 occassions and 1 belt. It just worked and worked.

Now unfortunately it is starting to wear out a little but im in a position to get a new machine. Since MA has gone belly up, im after a similar machine,A machine that performs well and if built well, will just go on and on and on like my F6 does.

That being said ,henseleits, logo 700 etc are a bit on the expensive side to repair.I cant warm to the goblins, The gaui X7 looks ok but
still seems expensive and seems like it can be fussy with tail vibes etc. Align helis are ok but i think their are better options as i think the main gears are thin and ive had aligns with gear failures in the past.Ive noticed helis are either over engineered or under-engineered. the e700 on paper looks balanced.

I keep coming back to the raptor e700. I used to have a R90 3d and it was a pretty robust machine. I know how good the old rappys were in there day, but have the e700 cut quality since then as it seems like a pretty cheap 700 airframe compared to some of the other offerings in this class.

Im after a no-fuss capable workhorse , do you think the e700 fits what im after, as a replacement to my ever trusty furion6????

Ps im looking at a spartan vortex to handle the 135 deg swash
04-26-2014 07:34 AM  6 years ago


Melbourne, Australia

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04-26-2014 08:52 AM  6 years ago

rrKey Veteran


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Never been a Rapter fan until I flew the E720 and G4 with 91 and 105. The E700 is a Much better alternative. Two piece frames instead of one piece from MA, herringbone gear, replaceable blade grip arms, easy setup and none of the draw backs from MA like the swash being so close to motor, motor ruined because of that, and one piece frame.
04-27-2014 05:58 AM  6 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Tacoma, WA

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I'm a fan of the 135 (140) swash, just like Curtis Youngblood's Balistic. Simply put, the swash moves equally in all directions, and the servos move equally to move the swash in all directions.

Next, I'm intrigued about the herringbone gear. I've not seen any other model have it except for the Logo machines. Additionally, the helical tail gears makes for a quiet machine too. Tail gears are a very loud part of the heli! (I have an interesting story on how I discovered this in mid flight!)

Lastly, so far this thing (the 700) is holding up to the stresses of the triple blades. I'm not talking centrifugal forces, I'm talking about the intense lateral forces Nick is putting on the main shaft (while spinning) which is then transferred to the bearings, bearing blocks, and frames, etc. As fast as he is flipping, rolling, and jerking that heli with the 3 blades AND still not strip any teeth on the main gear tells you the frame is plenty rigid to counter the flex forces. Take a look on Nick's youtube channel to see what I'm talking about. It moves like a little 450 heli spinning 5,000rpm.

Sure, I'd get one.
_Sam B_
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁Helicoptere-Thunder TigerRaptor E700 › is the e700 a good alternative to my Miniature aircraft

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