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04-24-2014 05:52 PM  6 years ago
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Baltimore, MD

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Vario E-Benzin Trainer (Electric Conversion)
It's been around 2 years since I last flew so I thought I'd get back into the hobby. I've been collecting parts here and there and finally got everything assembled and test flown. All in all everything went together rather nicely and the initial flights were effortless. My setup includes:

Vario E-Benzin Trainer
Vario CSS FBL Head
Vario Swashplate
Vario 800mm Semi-Symmetrical Main Blades
Stock 90:18 Gearing
East Coast Vario Clutch Adapter ( uses the original clutch bell )
Xera Motors 4035 4Y/300 Motor with 8mm Shaft
Robbe Roxxy BL-9100 120HV ESC
Western Robotics Hercules 10A Linear BEC
Futaba CGY-750 Flybarless System
Futaba R7008SB 2.4 Receiver
3 x Futaba BLS451s on Cyclic
1 x Futaba BLS254 on Tail
2 x 6S Turnigy NanoTech 5000mah Lipo Batteries in series (12S Setup)
1 x 2S Turnigy NanoTech 5000mah Lipo Battery for the receiver
120 Degree Swash Conversion ( instead of 4 )
Custom Vertical Mounted Battery Tray

Using a Watt's Up Power Meter, initial flights yielded the following numbers for a 10 minute flight running a 90% flat throttle curve and 1250rpm on the head:

29.19 Ap
43.99 Vm
1320.2 Wp
2.721 Ap
125.8 Wh

After recharging the pack, 3820mah were put back into the batteries. That said I could probably go another 2 minutes if I chose to and still be at the 80% mark on the batteries. As some you may notice from one of the pics below that there is an extra servo on there. I initially started with a 4-servo 90 degree setup but decided instead to go with a 3-servo 120 degree setup when I couldn't quite work out some binding issues with the 4-servo setup at certain swash angles. I just hadn't got around to removing the servo from the tray yet. I also had change the o-rings in the head to the hard ones. The soft o-rings that came with the head allowed way too much play. Once I changed those, things got much much better. Again I have to say that I am very pleased with how everything came together as well as how it flies. The CGY-750 still needs some tweaking on the elevator axis but that's just a matter of time before I work that out. This was the first step of a long process of building a 1/4 Scale Vario Hughes 500E. Over the course of 2014 I will acquire everything else I need to go scale (5-Blade Head, Blades, Swash, fuselage, and all other parts).

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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterVario Sky Fox - Benzin - Evolution - Xtreme › Vario E-Benzin Trainer (Electric Conversion)

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