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04-23-2014 04:53 AM  6 years ago
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Eisenhower: beware of the military industrial complex

Watch at YouTube

It was President Eisenhower, the past Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and a five star general warning us of the military industrial complex.

This leads me to other American organizations that are of concern.


1. The Education Industry in the form of teachers' unions, educational material, and colleges.

2. The Healthcare Industry including insurance companies, Planned Parenthood, and the research industry.

3. The minority lobbying industry which includes several branches.

4. The Foreign business industry which includes many countries and businesses.

5. The Environmental lobby which includes anti-pollution concerns, tree huggers, green companies looking for a handout, and the fakers.

6. The Political Industry that spawns families of professional elites seeking government positions that include elected and appointed.

7. The outside of the constitution, government organizations that operate in DC.

I'm sure I've missed the most important dangers, but I put down as much as my little brain can hold at any given time.

Eisenhower did not say the military industrial complex was bad, he just warned the Americans the need to stay on top of it. And I'm not saying everything I've listed is bad, but some of the above appears to be getting out of hand.
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04-23-2014 02:15 PM  6 years ago

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Plan on it /Expect it / Be Prepared for it : Helter Skelter is ALIVE : We Earned IT

Anxiety of a Mans' Heart Weighs it Down: Expect GREAT THING's

We are now three to four complete generations since Ike or Truman:

The Nation was protected thru absolute clarity in ALL Measures --- available at the time. IKE KNEW IT AND all THE leader's THAT FOLLOWED

The generations where not taught - it was eliminated over a contentious plan to do so. Time marched forward leaving or covering the History behind on purpose.

Their was never ever to be such thing : since Pearl Harbor - NEVER
Then the Nation Experienced 911 and countless other's like Boston. Then the ones prevented that get swept away and hidden.

We never needed to have personal security /public security.
Door's could be left un locked, key's in the car.
Kid's could run down the street unattended - without worry.

Endless and growing - Erosion & Decay

The List of Civil Liberty's / Confidence and Public Security has slowly been eroded thru act's of selfless terrorism, and WEAK COWARDICE MATERIALISTIC degradation of Ethic's & Morality of Man.

Death by a Thousand Cutt's and Chopping away slowly.
It will happen again - 911 - be prepared for bodies to rain from the sky.

Look for where the Rock's are or at least where they ain't :
Their is Falsification on a wide spread whole sale basis.

Be Prepared and not Ignorant: DO NOT Become Deceived
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Home🌌Off Topics🌌Off Topics News & Politics › Eisenhower: beware of the military industrial complex

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