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04-24-2014 12:33 PM  6 years ago


El Paso,Texas

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I finally put Dennis and TLE on ignore and wow.... the level of stupid dropped 1000 points at least and the keyboard isn't nearly as hot now trying to battle it. That's why my posting dropped suddenly.

I don't normally shut off The Stupid but in this case, what a difference!

That's why esco's on my list.

"When Inverted down is up and up is expensive"
04-24-2014 02:26 PM  6 years ago

rrKey Veteran

winnetka california

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Thank you esco for that tender rebuke.
I receive it in the spirit in which you offer it.
Brother I offered you no Rebuke but believe me we can get carried away in an instant as a lost sheep thinking we're doing the right thing putting others down.
Remember, it does take God to open the heart
of the sinner and it is surely God Who brings
any of us to repentance;
"The almighty never open the heart of anyone sinner he hate sin that why he present his son to come to Aid of mankind, he come as a messenger to let his father kingdom known, those who've seen and heard the voice of Jesus will open theirs own heart so Jesus can enter and live there.

"those who chose to remain stead fast in there sin saying he doesn't exit and even with all the unexplained thing they've seen, he never Rebuke them but call them idiot; 'and place a small condemnation on them calling them unrighteous soul that'll be resurrected after deaths, "the only person that will not be resurrected is those that commit murder.
but Jesus did say, "GO
into all the world and preach the Gospel of Peace
so that all men may hear of my love."
"Jesus already shown his love when he decide to take it up on his self to be crush under the deaths that sin bring so we can live once more in harmony with him after judgments,
And St Paul told us, "How beautiful are the feet
of those who bring the Good News..."
I was using a fallacious ad hominem argument in
this particular instance, hoping to catch a little
reverse insight on the Dock for LS.
(Who took my offer of the circle to heart
and actually drew the circle.) Size of his circle =
14 centimeter.
But yes we shall keep praying for our flyin buds!nany with him
"There's only one thing we have to do be save and that is to believe in the deaths of Jesus Christ we don't have to know GOD for Jesus is the way {to God}

If folks say there's no God that fine' that because something is missing and that's Jesus. "Uj is alright, ' I was once a very bad person but suddenly something happen and now I am a save man so just pray for those who isn't save yet. "If it was mean for Uj to be save he'll be just leave him to the lord and time.

"I have a friend that love {BATTY} so much, now today all he want is GOD and women so we can be lost but for how long????.
I was waiting on some honey but there aren't no Queen bee,
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