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Remember, initially, you apply power and hold the button down just long enough to see the five LEDs start to sequence. Let go of the button before the sequence ends.

You will be in DIR mode. The 3GX system is out of the picture at this point, servos should move as your transmitter tells them to. The swashplate should move correctly at this point. If it doesn't, you need to fix your radio programming so that it does.


Assume swashplate with pitch and aileron balls on left front, and right front of swash, and elevator ball in the rear, centered along the heli's fore/aft axis.

Forward cyclic, the servos controlling the front two balls each move their balls down, the elevator servo moves its ball up -- swash tilts down in front.

Rear cyclic, the servos controlling the front two balls each move their balls up, the elevator moves its ball down -- swash tilts down in rear.

Right cyclic. Rear ball (elevator) remains motionless. Left front ball (pitch) moves up, right front ball (aileron) moves down.

Left cyclic. Rear ball (elevator) remains motionless. Left front ball (pitch) moves down, right front ball (aileron) moves up.

Collective pitch -- all three servos move their ball in the same direction up (for positive collective in an Align heli), or down (negative collective in an Align heli).


Also, at this setting, you make all mechanical adjustments to get servos and arms correctly positioned at center collective stick for zero degrees pitch, set the overall pitch range (using the PITCH number in the SWASH MIX menu), and set the overall aileron/elevator cyclic pitch to 8 degrees (using the Elevator and Aileron numbers in the SWASH MIX menu). With that out of the way,

Momentarily push the button. Push the elevator stick full forward, and let come back to center. Swash movement should be as noted above. This sets the Elevator limit in the 3GX. It also tells the 3GX how your radio is set up to control the swash (CCPM or single servo per control mode).

Push the button again. Tilt the nose up/down and watch the swash correction movement. It should move in the opposite direction of the tilt. Nose down, the front of the swash tilts up. If backwards, use the elevator stick to change the direction of elevator correction.

Push the button again. Move the Aileron stick full right, and return to center.

Push the button again. Tilt the heli left/right while watching the swash tilt. It should tilt in the opposite direction from which you moved the heli. If you tilt the heli to the left, the swash needs to tilt to the right. Correct the direction using the aileron stick.

Push the button again, the 3GX will reinitialize and that step is complete.


I am going to ask some very basic questions now -- answers will help figure out your problem...

Which helicopter are you setting up?

Which receiver are you using?

How is that receiver connected to the 3GX unit?

If you are using the two special cables in the 3GX box to connect your receiver to the 3GX unit, did you connect the wires correctly?

Do the colors go from your receiver to your 3GX as shown in the wiring diagram?

In the proper order?

If you were to eliminate the 3GX unit and plug the servos directly into your receiver, would they all move in the correct direction for your helicopter?

Would the swashplate move correctly if your servos were directly plugged into the receiver?

Are you using digital servos?

How are you applying power to the system?

What is the output current rating of your power source (continuous output, not peak output) if you can find it?


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