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04-14-2014 12:40 AM  5 years ago
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Montreal, Quebec

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Storing Lipos
What is the best way to store lipos.
04-14-2014 12:45 AM  5 years ago


Virginia Beach, Va USA

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You're going to get many different answers, I store mine in a gun case from Walmart, and I've never had a problem....ever.Minicopter Diabolo 800, Minicopter Triabolo 700, Minicopter Diabolo 700, Minicopter Diabolo 600, Minicopter Diabolo 550, Goblin 770
04-14-2014 02:01 AM  5 years ago


Sherwood, Arkansas

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Storing Lipo's
I agree with DemetriusUSN 100%.. 100 responses and 100 different ideas, and mostly all will work fine...

With that said, I put the batteries in storage charge, and I keep them in metal Ammo cans (army surplus store)

I have 4 cans, and I use one to take the batteries I am going to use for a days flying, while carrying them in my car..

Also, I do not vent my ammo cans.. there are pros and cons about this also.. but I have not had any problems this way, so it is what works for me...

Good Luck, Stan
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04-14-2014 02:03 AM  5 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Lee's Summit, MO

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Storage charge, and kept in a metal Milwaukee drill box.
Long term...the box goes in the workshop refrigerator.
04-14-2014 02:25 AM  5 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Blue Bell, Pa

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I ll post these pic I had these lipo in a cardboard box sitting in a sun ligh less corner in my bed room thank god I went threw them or who knows what could have happened. They were put into storage 3.8 v per cell and sat about 16 months and I went to check on them

The foil bag on my true rc 4000 20c have deteriated and leaked luckily they are/ were never powerful god know if this had been a quality lipo it would have flared up n taking my house with it so all those reading this thread please store in a fire safe box even when dealing with discharged or nominal voltage. From what I ve read when the cells electrolyte is exposed to o2 is what causes ignition. This was a close enough call for me! I ve had cell go while charging and seen yh smoke when one got hit after a crash the blade tore onto 2 cells if a new full charged 6s 65 c and it was 2 milli sec of smoke then spontaneous combustion. I ve always charged in a ammo box but now store in a fire safe
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