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04-08-2014 03:57 PM  5 years ago
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Lubbock, Texas USA

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align 3gx problem
I set up the align. Every thing looks correct. I can put a small amount of input,hold that input and unit slowly bottoms out my servo. has any one seen this and is it normal. I have not flown it.
Thanks for any help.
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04-08-2014 05:18 PM  5 years ago

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South Korea

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It is really hard to tell based on what you wrote, but this doesn't really sound like too much of a problem at this point. Your FBL gyro/controller is most likely looking for feeback from your heli to base against your input and it's getting none because your heli isn't moving.

In your case, if you are sure that your setup is correct, I would go ahead and do a low hover flight. I have a feeling that's pretty normal given that your heli isn't moving as you put an input in.

Before you attempt your first hover flight, make sure your gyro's orientations are correct. All you need to do it power up your system (make sure to disconnect power to your motor if this is an E machine), let your gyro initialize, then proceed with the tilt test. As you tilt the heli, watch the swash plate. It should tilt exactly opposite to the direction you are tilting the heli.

Make sure to check your gain and that your software is up to date as well. Since this is the first flight, it's best to use Align's default settings and work your way from there.

And finally, please do not attempt to hover by yourself if you do not have experience flying helis. This will be your first and only flight if you do. If there are other pilots in the area that have knowledge with your FBL unit, have them look over your heli and your settings so you don't get a surprise the first time you spool up.

I was in Lubbock a while back and stopped into Hobby Time, and it doesn't sound like there are alot of heli pilots in the area, but if you can give a bit more discription to exactly what your controller is doing I'm sure the wizards here will be more than happy to get you up and flying quickly and safely. There is also a gentlemen that I know who is stationed at Cannon AFB in NM. He hates the area, the smell, and the weather, but it's about an hour drive from where you are and he would be more than happy to help you out. He has alot of experience setting up helis and knows how to work up a 3GX. PM me if you are willing to make the drive and I'll give you his contact info. Good luck!!
04-12-2014 07:12 PM  5 years ago


Cedar Rapids, IA

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I agree with the previous post, the description of your problem is just too vague.

However, the introduction of a flybarless controller into the swash control system is quite similar to the introduction of a heading hold gyro into the tail rotor control system. Your inputs are no longer really in control of the servos.

Stick inputs now tell the gyro which direction to move the servos, and the amount of stick travel tells the gyro at what rate the heli should move to the new position.

As the heli is sitting still on your bench, all it sees is a stick input, but it is NOT seeing a resultant motion of the helicopter. As far as the FBL unit is concerned, it sees no motion and therefore sees no need to correct the servo displacement.

The same will happen with a heading hold tail rotor gyro. Stick movements will cause the rudder servo to move, but as the heli isn't moving, the gyro sees no motion to correct. It continues to let the servo move till it hits the endpoint you have previously programmed into the gyro.

I believe all is OK with your setup.

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