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03-16-2014 04:32 PM  6 years ago
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End Pin Gyro Conn Which Break Solder Joints
You've had a gyro that has end pin connectors and maybe it sustains a crash or two. It begins to act up and you end up chasing out the bug in every component yet the gyro still won't function properly. Symptoms include twitchy servos, intermittent servo movements, jiggling the servo wires and the servos cut in and out. What is the probs matey?

On my Tarot zyx-s it is side mounted on my 300. In one crash it landed on the gyro and I had to open the gyro up to remelt half the solder tabs on the end pin mounting plate. The mounting plate soldered to the main board in the box.

If your gyro is acting up it could be because you have put in and removed servo connectors enough times to begin CRACKING THE SOLDER. My problem comes from too much vibration and the crash onto the gyro itself in one instance. Vibes just made a weaken'd joint weaker finally resulting in total failure. I spool up and the heli goes into full up collective thankfully while the heli was only half spooled up.

What I did to fix the bad solder was open the case up and re melt most all solder leads from the pin stack to the main board, and I re-soldered some pins too as under a high power magnifying glass some of them were showing HAIRLINE CRACKS.

After doing a re-soldering job with a solder pencil, a bit of solder wire, and a magnifying lamp fixture months ago, the problem returned recently. This time while I was re-assembling the gyro case there upon my discovery, late last night, was a missing piece of the puzzle. Because the pin board is not well supported with a tight slot in the case or with glue, what I did was cut an 8th wide inch strip of mounting foam, 1/16th thick, and placed it in the case where the pin board will rest, top lid inside. After removing the protective paper on the tape I put the board back in the case and made sure the pin board was secure to the outer case with the two side mounting tape, from end to end.

I suppose you could support the pin board with hot glue behind the pins but it will take a small amount and you don't want any glue where the connectors go, a small hot glue device could work.

Any way you slice it any gyro with end pins has a pin board soldered to a main computer board and those soldered connections are susceptible to vibes, movement, and impact. If that pin board is not totally supported in the case the connection between the pins and the main board will eventually be broke lost kaput.

If you don't have the tools or feel confident you wont screw things up I'm sure there's someone around with lots of experience in fine electronic soldering. Ask yourself, is your heli worth the extra effort

My 300 heli was half spooled suddenly going into full positive pitch and arose towards me wind pitching it back to where I stood, while it simultaneously shut down and dropped on the deck from only a couple feet up landing a couple of feet from me, imagine, just imagine.

ZYX, AR7200BX, Robird, who-ever makes an end pin gyro with a pin array on a board soldered to a main board, if not completely supported in the case as one with the main board will eventually fail from a crash, push and pulling and wiggling servo connectors, and or bad vibes. You won't see the HAIRLINE CRACKS until it's too late, be care full of it. The solder is not enough to secure the pin board to the main board indefinitely on any gyro.

Now then, I got back in only minutes ago from testing my 300zyx in the backyard and man was it fantastic. I think because in "fixing" the pin plate to the inner plastic case I prevented wire vibes from affecting the gyro and making it over work the gyro is a lot more flyable than before. I feel a LOT more in control and the heli doesn't vibrate wildly at times, usually the gyro compensating on small vibes which in turn cause it to vibrate even more likely because the wires going in to the servo begin to wobble at that point. I've never had the rotor totally vertical in a tight space until now and returned it to horizontal in perfect control, no twitchiness at all and way less vibes from the heli.

There ya go, make sure the main and pin boards are very secure and mechanically bond them to the case, you will notice a difference and the gyro will last much longer and won't crash your heli inexplicably one day either.

Wish someone told me before I went through the wringer on this.
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