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03-15-2014 04:51 PM  6 years ago
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Al 225 Rant
"Re Topic: Battery-6S Charger, Power Supply, Zippys
Hi neilg.
YOU have dodged a BULLET "For NOW"! I had a changed of heart & will not be returning items & you get to keep my $$$. As far as the Lipo's go, I'm still pissed and plan to hold you accountable. So here's the Deal > I will not leave you any (-) Feedback, "For NOW" but should I see your name appear ANYWHERE in RunRyder then I will CHIME IN! If you list anywhere; To sell,To Buy, WTT, etc., then you (and the rest of the RR community) will hear from me. Until you decide to reimburse me the $25.00, the above will remain in effect. Feel free to send payment to my PP Address ( as a gift or add an additional $1.05 = $26.05 (for their fees). Did I mention, I've been into RC's for 40+ years so plan to see me around for a while (Lord willing & the Creek Don't Rise).

Good Luck on your future endeavors, Al"

Pal Pal has sided with me. Try 40Mg of Citalopram
In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti
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