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03-11-2014 03:27 AM  6 years ago
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Robert "Full" Montee


Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Whiplash 700EX
This sale is for a Whiplash 700EX airframe and parts.
This 700EX was converted from an electric Whiplash as offered to Team MA pilots.
Includes all the Whiplash parts to turn the kit from a 700EX back to a Whiplash.
Also includes titanium turnbuckle upgrade for links between servo and swash and swash to blade grip.
$400 + shipping
Shipping from Virginia zip code 22407 to 48 contiguous United States.
Shipping in original box with dimensions of 33"x12"x8" at a weight of 15lbs
Prefer Fedex or UPS ground with signature and tracking
Paypal only, PM me

700EX Photo Gallery on OneDrive:

Used Extras Include:
(1) Whiplash Green Canopy
(1) Torque tube
(5) Original Style landing struts
(2) Landing skids - anodizing doesn't match
(1) Whiplash Right side frame, updated with horizontal rudder servo placement
(1) Whiplash Left side frame, original
(1) Whiplash Right side frame, original, with crash damage at front strut mount
(1) Whiplash Left side frame, original, with crash damage at front strut mount
(1) Head Axle (not flown)
(2) Tuff gear struts cut to 700EX style
(1) Main gear hub - original style with mushroomed head - can be modified for use again and stripped bolt hole
(2) 700EX battery straps
(2) Whiplash battery straps
(2) Tail bevel gears TT side (white) in rough shape but not crashed
(2) Tail bevel gears Shaft Side (white) in rough shape but not crashed
(1) Whiplash Head Axle wrench MA3000-60
(2) T/R Control Rod Guides
(1) Tail output shaft
(1) Gyro mounting plate with delrin supports
(1) T/R Pitch Yoke w/links MA131-76
(2) Pitch Slider Ring MA131-74
(2) Set Whiplash One Piece Damper 90D (Blue) MA131-192
New in Packaging Extras Include:
(1) Whiplash Main Shaft MA131-308
(1) Plastic Ball Link - M3x21.2 MA0133-1
(1) Plastic Ball Link - M2x21.2 MA0133
(1) Swashplate Anti-Rotation Pin MA131-83
(1) 700EX Tail Bevel Gear Shaft Side MA131-17-B
(1) 700EX Tail Bevel Gear TT Side MA131-18-B
(1) Whiplash Tail Boom MA131-62
Robert "Full" Montee | Team Futaba | Team Kontronik | TellARotor RC Podcast
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