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03-11-2014 12:00 AM  6 years ago
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Obama's plan revealed?
My fellow friends and Americans. It was nice knowing you guys. I just have a stinking feeling that America isn't going to be here much longer. Obama has already destroyed our dollar and our closest allies. This plan was just brilliant from the beginning.

We are the only nation standing in the way of what the world wants. A guy posted a very interesting comment. I am not sure If our structure is designed to overrule a sitting President with nuclear codes?
What every one should be worried about is Obama being a Muslim and being born in Kenya allowing America to be Destroyed by Russia in Nuclear Attack that he provoked , Only President Obama has the "Authority and launch codes" for Americas Military Forces to fire our Nuclear Weapons , All Obama must do is not send the launch codes to our Military for 15 minutes , The Russian Submarine Launched Nuclear Missiles will Hit every America military base and Missile Silo in 7 to 15 Minutes then the 500 to 1000 Russian ICBMs Launched from Russian Silos Will hit Every Major city in America in 30 minutes or less So in under 1 hour 250 to 300 Million Americans and our entire Military forces will be destroyed except those on ships at sea , While President Obama prays to Allah and chants ALLAH AKBAR ALLAH AKBAR . and this could be the Fulfillment of Revelation 18 2-10 Babylon the great is fallen is fallen ,,,10 Babylon that mighty city for in one hour is thy judgement come .....????
03-11-2014 12:37 AM  6 years ago


Omaha, Nebraska

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Unfortunately, my thoughts written here earlier this evening
are not in alignment with the gentleman who runs this forum.

My post was edited to remove most of the things I wrote.

I can see why my preaching Jesus Christ as The Way, The Truth
and The Life, could become inflammatory to the heart of one
who doesn't know what The Truth is.

Therefore I have decided to completely Remove all my previous
thoughts from this post.

There shall remain then, a tragedy - at the request of the
owner of the forum and those who consider atheism a correct
alternative to Biblical TRUTH.

For those who continue to live their lives rejecting the
gracious and incredibly great gift that our Creator has
engendered in sending His Son to die for our sins, I ask
what if he was your son? Could you have done that?

Consider a life time of rejection when the final judgment
dawns on every soul, and The Creator will ask us, "What
did you do with My Son?"

And we, in our final moment, can convey a lifetime of
stupidity when we tell God, "YOU JUST DIDN'T DO ENOUGH."

Nuff said.
I love gravity, it always keeps my feet planted when I fly!
03-11-2014 12:57 AM  6 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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Millennium Generation have absolutely No Clue

Pepsi Generation has No Idea what so ever

Generation X - Scratching a living out - paying for others Socialism

In between's remembers a bit what they where taught - but forgot

The Greatest Generation is NOW DEAD

VERY / VERY / Truly Sorry But this Great Nation of a Free Democracy has Done this before.

They just took it out of your book's and then got rid of those also.

Know one Know's -- But they are Learning as it raises the Tempest.

Auto Cratis


You DO NOT HAVE TO OWN OR OPERATE SIEGE MACHINES to Over Come a Nation or Control a Population ;

OLDEST GAME IN THE book ! THE Infidels - to Conquer a Culture

Wait till it is Fully Recognized: Our weakness is actually our greatest defense and IT's OFFENSE ALSO
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