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6th Annual Rotors Over MiramarJul 12, 2014 Sat-Sun

San Diego, CA - Miramar RC Flyers 6th Annual Helicopter Fun Fly.

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Miramar RC Flyers is pleased to announce the 6th Annual Rotors Over Miramar Fun Fly, July 12-13 at MCAS Miramar San Diego.

AMA Sanction # 952

***** NOTICE *****

Gates open at 7:00am on Saturday the 12th. Flying starts at 8am and ends at Sunset. We'll open the field at 7:00am on Sunday the 13th and we'll end the event between 3pm and 4pm . The field *MUST* be vacated no later than 4:30pm on the 13th.

Registration costs will be $15 for the weekend. I don't think there will be shirts this time around.

All AMA and MRCF rules will be in effect. MRCF rules are available here:

For directions, visit

We hope to see you there!

Some particulars:

Flying Site:
1. The MRCF field is located on an active military reserve and is subject to all of the base rules and regulations.
2. Smoking, alcohol consumption and illegal drug use are strictly prohibited at all times on the base. This is not negotiable! If you must smoke, please exit the gate to do so.
3. The flying field is situated within a nature preserve and all animals and vegetation on the site are protected.
4. Access to undeveloped areas is prohibited. Please do not “hike” out into the brushed areas. Large rattlesnakes are living around our field and we don’t want anyone getting bitten.
5. Do not disturb the wildlife. If you encounter a snake or other animal, back away and leave it alone.
6. All other MRCF club rules will be in effect. Those rules can be found at:

Site Access:
1. The Miramar RC Flyers field is only accessible by way of a locked gate. Entry and exit are strictly controlled and everyone must be escorted to and from the field by a club member.
2. The entry gate will be open from 0700 until 1000 each morning of the event and then periodically throughout the day and again in the evening for those who wish to go get some dinner off-site - assuming we can do the overnight camping thing.
3. If you arrive and the gate is locked, dial the number on the white board at the gate and tell the person that answers you’ve come for the fun fly. Someone will be sent down to let you in.
4. If you need to leave the field you will need to get a club member to escort you to the gate. Please be thoughtful of the club.

AMA Regulations:
1. The AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code will be strictly enforced.
2. Valid AMA cards are *REQUIRED* for ALL pilots and must be shown at pilot registry.
3. Frequency control is in effect for anyone operating in the 72MHz bands. All 72 MHz band pilots will be required to place their AMA card in the appropriate frequency slot in the channel board and display the corresponding frequency pin in a visible location.

Flight Line:
1. All pilots *MUST* have a spotter.
2. The spotter is responsible for informing the pilot of “traffic” encroaching upon his defined airspace.
3. *ONE* photographer may stand with the pilot/spotter with the pilot’s permission.
4. No one is permitted past the pit fence other than the pilot, spotter and photographer as stated above.
5. Pilots waiting for a flight station may stage their aircraft and support gear in the pit area while they wait.
6. All spectators will be prohibited from entering the zone between the pits and the flight stations.

**Still checking** but we HOPE there will be Self-Illuminated Night Flying until 10pm - We're hoping the base will allow us to night fly again this year so just in case they give the ok, here are the stipulations"

1. All helicopters must be self-illuminated. Sorry, no spotlight flying as MCAS Miramar is an active air station and aircraft come and go at all hours.
2. There will be pilot station available and only *ONE* helicopter will be allowed in the air at a time.

Turbine Aircraft:
1. All Turbine operators will be required to produce a current AMA turbine waiver at registration
2. All turbine operations will be subject to the AMA's Turbine Safety Regulations which can be found at:
3. All Turbine operations are subject to National Weather Service Fire Weather Planning Forecasts (FWZ), National Weather Service Red Flag Warnings and Fire Weather Watches for California. Red Flag = no fly. No exceptions. Red Flag status may be determined by visiting or

Camping - Base Command has said overnight RV camping is ok. Here are the details:

1. There will be limited space available for overnight camping in RVs or campers - there will be no tent camping allowed.
2. Please contact Kevin Spousta (E-mail is below) in advance of the event to check on availability.
3. The field will be open for camper arrivals starting Friday, July 11th after 6pm.
4. Club members will be on site to help with positioning your rig.
5. All RVs must be gone by 3:30 PM on Sunday the 13th.
6. There are no hookups and no potable water available. Fill up before you show up.
7. No dumping of any RV tanks – not even fresh water. Find a dump station on your way home.
8. Absolutely *NO* open fires. That includes gas barbecues. The club may have a permit for its gas grill and its use will be available for overnight guests. Please provide your own BBQ tools.
9. The club has no trash pickup services so please police your own areas and take your own trash with you when you go.
10. Generator use is ok provided your generator is equipped with a spark arrestor and muffler. All generators must be shut down at 11:00pm.

There are two hotels across the freeway from the field -

1. Holiday Inn (
2. Best Western Plus. (

Remember, we are all guests of the US Marine Corp while at the field. Please act accordingly.

If you have any questions about the event or the rules please contact:
Kevin Spousta – CD – skiddz AT roadrunner DOT com

A helicopter is 10,000 parts spinning rapidly around an oil leak.

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