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02-22-2014 01:31 AM  4 years agoPost 1


shrewsbury. ma. u.s.a.

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and check it over good,caz its used, i got pictures, see if you see something i dont see, looks good so far, but i new to gasser's
thanks to all

02-22-2014 01:46 AM  4 years agoPost 2



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if you do a search on the Century page you will get a lot of info, also here on the gasser page

Buzz Buzz Buzz

02-22-2014 02:40 AM  4 years agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

Claremont, Nh USA

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Im no Predator expert but i cant see anything wrong. Gasoline is no black magic voodoo power- just different than the glow your used to. The mechanics of the heli are all essentially the same. Reassemble, set up, and fly. You will be amazed how much more simple gas is once you get into it.

02-22-2014 03:12 AM  4 years agoPost 4

rrElite Veteran

Killeen, Texas - USA

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considering it has a broken skid that may have come from a rough landing and maybe resulting in a tip over, I would check the main and feathering shafts for straitness on a glass plate.

another concern is the rust on the means it was not stored in the best of enviroments, namely big changes in temp and a good check of all the bearings and possibly replacement of all the links just in case they are brittle.

I would also replace all fuel tubing to be on the safe side

as well as disassemble the whole rotor head and tail, clean the threads on everything and reassemble with a good thread locker.

I know this sounds like a PITA, but you have to keep in mind that it is used, so you don't know what exactly has been maintained nor when it was maintained last...or even if something is fixin to let go during flight.

also check the servos, give them a good test buy removing them from the heli and control them with the TX thru the RX and apply finger pressure to the output horn, listen for grinding and such thru thier full range of movement...

good luck and take your time going over all of it...time spent here could save you $$$ in the long run.

showing a preference will only get you into trouble, 90% of everything is crap...

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02-22-2014 04:00 AM  4 years agoPost 5

rrKey Veteran

Long Island ,NY

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just make sure all the bearings are good and pull the main and tail grips off make certain that the thrust bearings are installed properly and the grips aren't split along the seam (where the two halves of the mold meet.)


02-22-2014 02:19 PM  4 years agoPost 6

rrKey Veteran

Detroit Lakes MN

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When buying a used heli I always do a full tear down anyway. Even the best builder/maintainer can miss something. Not saying that I would put it back together any better but at least I would have that peace of mind. Then if it came apart I would know who to point the finger at.


"There's someone in my head, but it's not me..."

02-22-2014 05:38 PM  4 years agoPost 7


The Villages, Florida

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I agree with the suggestions above---- specifically, disassemble followed by inspecting and re-assembly using Loctite where appropriate....

You can't tell the "condition" by just looking at it or taking pictures for use to "look at".....

Been there, done that and old enough to know better.....

02-22-2014 07:16 PM  4 years agoPost 8


Pine Grove, Calif, USA

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Although it will work as is in the pix, I would replace the servo arms with ones that have identical lengths relative to the control bellcranks. I believe the Pred bellcranks are 20mm from pivot point centerline to ball centerline; the servo arms should be the same.

I would also replace that broken/repaired strut. If the repair fails because of a hard landing could easily cost you a set of blades, if not more.

The older I get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterGasser Model RC HelicoptersOther › Ok guys, somebody suggested a break the predator down
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