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Yup, that's what it will amount to if you dont replace ALL VITAL Screws and Bolts after a crash.

I'm talking about tail rotor hub screws that hold the clamps on for starters. Your tail takes a beating with lots of touch downs and vibe management. I saw one of mine break off only a hour ago in a backyard circuit. RUST was a contributing factor as well as flying a heli that vibrates a lot due to imbalanced main blades, high rpm, and other inconsistencies. I did crash the little bird many times before this bolt let go, came clear off and landed a few feet from the heli. Luckily the heli is only my 300zyx. It was possible the hub screw was not totally tight on the hub also. It broke at the threads.

The little f ups you experience on small helis will prepare you for the larger less forgiving birds, do replace your feathering shaft screws, main shaft bolts, tail hub screws, after a crash. These specific fasteners take a beating in a crash and may be cracked at the threads inside where you cannot see. This is why they are a danger.

Hardened steel fasteners will crack in a crash, vibes will agitate the crack and the fastener will fail very quickly under stress, DO BE CAREFUL.

HIGH MAINTENANCE HELI or Girlfreind, both can pizz you off (injure you), do be wise and not try to fly out issues, correct them before they become a disaster. Please don't be ignorant.

I was fortunate once more.

You can imagine a blade and clamp hurling at velocity anywhere nearby with a lot of force. Fortunately the blade and clamp hit the heli somewhere which slowed it down and the path of projection was away from me. It landed close by and I did not loose it.

You know, it's probably good practice to never hold a hover at eye level and never line the tail rotors up to you when your holding a nose out position, you just never know.

This heli has given me a few exciting situations, all of which caused me to adjust my personal attitude toward it, being so small you think it can't elicit harm, on the contrary.

The design of certain parts found on many rc helis makes me leery to begin with, being such HIGH PERFORMANCE machines. Mods may ensue as several original parts leave room for improvement care of both safety and performance on small and large helis alike.

In this case a shouldered screw, where the shoulder recesses into the hub by 1.5mm, would alleviate stress of bending away from threads run further within the hub, much like the Align dfc upgrade made to failing dfc units early on, simple, yet effective. Only problem is finding the correct length of hex screw with the shoulder. A donor tail fork and link assembly has a few of these.

Now that I have a 2mm, 2.6mm, 3mm, taps and a 3mm die I'm able to go forth into the unknown world of fabrication and improvements, lol, performance that is.

My Shuttle likes the fbl set up real nice,

Take care.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › Russian Roulette With Your Crashed And Repaired Heli
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