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01-03-2014 08:35 PM  4 years agoPost 1


Good old NC

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Searching for power Setups for electric copters is a pain in the "tail". So I thought starting a topic of BASIC info to help us old Nitro guys switch over to the "E"vil side.

Here is the format

Gear ratio: (if not known the size of the main gear and pinion you are using)
Target headspeed:

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Virginia Beach, Va USA

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Fusion 50 12s
Hyperion hv servos
Align 700mx 510kv
13t pinion
129 main gear
Ice 80hv2 esc
BEC pro
JR 9 ch rx, w/2 sats
Lipos -3300mah--4000mah
HS-1900-2100-2250 gov

Align Trex 700v2
Hyperion hv servos
HKIII 4035-500kv motor
Ice 120hv2 esc
13t pinion
KDE main gear 115t mod 1.0
JR 9 ch rx w/2 sats
2s Lipo 34000mah
HS-1800-1900-2150 gov

Minicopter Diabolo 800, Minicopter Triabolo 700, Minicopter Diabolo 700, Minicopter Diabolo 600, Minicopter Diabolo 550, Goblin 770

01-07-2014 01:04 PM  4 years agoPost 3


Leeds, England

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If you are totally new to electric setups your better off learning to fish than asking for other people's fish!

Basics would be:

1. Kv = rpm per volt. (see manufacturers specs for voltage range or bettery cell count)

2. Li-po cells are 3.7v nominally.

3. Don't discharge more than 80% of battery capacity.

4. The 's' after the number of cells in a pack stands for 'series' meaning they are put together in series which multiplies the voltage so a 3s pack is 11.1v etc.

Capacity or 'C' is measured in milliamp hours (mAh) or amp hours (Ah). A 2000mAh pack can also be called a 2Ah pack etc.

5. C rating is a measure of how quickly a battery can be discharged without harm, for example 20C, simply means 20 times capacity so a 5000mAh pack of 20C can take a current draw of 100A (5Ah x 20).

6. It is the motor that draws the current from the battery, the battery DOES NOT push current to the motor.

7. Gear ratio is calculated by dividing the main gear tooth count by the pinion tooth count.

8. A brushless motor does not have to be governed, they are governed by the voltage and won't rev any higher. (see manufacturers specs for voltage range or battery cell count)

9. You can roughly calculate max average head speed by motor kv multiplied by pack voltage divided by gear ratio.

10. For governing, 15% head room or overhead will work fine for most. For example if you wanted to run 2000 rpm you would want to gear for 2300 rpm average max head speed (see No. 9) (2000 + 15% = 2300 rpm).

11. ESC size is a tricky one but you can calculate it from your battery capacity divided by worse case scenario of a 4 minute hard 3d flight. So, using a 5000mah setup, you would use 4000mah (80%, see No. 3) in 4 minutes which is 1000mah or 1Ah/min or 60A, double this number and that is the size of ESC you require.

12. Head speeds are personal preference, flight style specific but again the basics are:

325-350mm blades (450 size) - 1800-3600 rpm

425-470mm blades (500 size) - 1600-3000 rpm

500-550mm blades (500-550 size) - 1400-2600 rpm

600-640mm blades (600 size) - 1300-2400 rpm

690-720mm blades (700 size) - 1200-2200 rpm

800mm blades (800 size) - 1000-1900 rpm

60% of the time, it works every time!

01-08-2014 02:05 PM  4 years agoPost 4
Andy from Sandy

rrElite Veteran

Bedfordshire, UK

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^ nice info.

Keep all high current wiring as short as possible.

Make doubley sure that your solder joints have all flowed nicely leaving lovely shiney solder. A dry joint with 100Amps trying to flow is a recipe for disaster.

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