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12-31-2013 04:49 PM  4 years agoPost 21


Cedar Rapids, IA

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I agree, the 800 just hasn't really caught on, but I believe that's going to be the case with whoever makes an 800-sized electric. The 800 stuff seems to be useful as a camera platform, but I believe for everyday sport or 3D flying, the price/performance point isn't there.

You will note, however, that perhaps with the exception of the Align 100, ALL of their helis have been well received, and continue to sell extremely well, in spite of all the competition that is out there.

Align does their homework, and they do it well. They also continually refresh the product line, never being willing to sit back and make their money off the status quo.

I owned a Freya, and an EVO 50. The Freya was heavy and flew like it. When it came time to move on, I couldn't GIVE it away, although I finally did trade it for a Trex 500 after about a year of trying to sell it.

My EVO 50? Excellent heli, and was a favorite of mine till it self-destructed throwing a tail rotor blade at an altitude where an auto wasn't going to be too successful. That is when I picked up my first Trex 600N, and I wasn't too thrilled with doing so, since I'd heard nothing but bad about that heli back then. Turns out the bad press was just that, bad press. The 600N is still flying and has been a workhorse for me.

Hirobo failed to keep up with the changing times and that brand has pretty much gone by the wayside. The Lepton was a disaster and helped drive one more nail in the Hirobo coffin.

Kyosho failed to stay relevant, they're gone (Quest hasn't done a lot to keep that line of helis alive, no real new innovations, just warmed over Caliber 30/4/50 designs).

JR keeps trying, but never has had a breakthrough heli that captures any market share. Their most recent innovation is the 3-blade head. Not a new heli, per se, just a three-blade head. I see that as maybe being neat and unique, but more importantly, driving up crash rebuild cost, and I don't see a whole host of blade manufacturers tooling up to start marketing three-blade rotor sets for a single heli kit. Probably the most innovative thing about their new 3-bladed heli is that its name doesn't begin with a "V". Can anyone tell me what a "Leggero" is?


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12-31-2013 05:10 PM  4 years agoPost 22

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yakima, wa.

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I'm getting the three blade head for my Forza 450,blade sets are $33, cheaper then one set of Rail blades.My Forza's have been very reliable,low maintenance ,and parts are cheap.I think the only thing missing is the big advertising budget .

I'd rather be flying!

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12-31-2013 05:55 PM  4 years agoPost 24
Ace Dude



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Back in the day the Hirobo BBL-Hawk was half the price of the JR 60 size machine 25 years ago.
Which JR Heli are you referring to? Their Ergo (30/60) are the first JR helis I'm aware of, but that wasn't close to 25 years ago, more like 16-18 years ago.


12-31-2013 06:09 PM  4 years agoPost 25
Ace Dude



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Align helis raised the bar and set new goals. JR...well, a day late, a dollar short.

The other distinction that the Align list has, which the JR releases don't, is that these things have been purchased in droves over the years and are still around.

Much of the JR stuff was offered, was available for a year or so, was never widely accepted, and is now gone.
I'm sill flying my Vibe 50 purchased when they first came. To date I've only ever replaced on part it that wore out.

Not sure what bar you're referring to that Align has raised, but in terms of low cost/low quality I would agree they have raised the bar.

I don't believe JR's design goal has ever been to make a low cost/low quality heli.

I remember when the Trex 600N first came out. They couldn't even get the governor magnets to say in the fan. With that and the other issues I promptly sold the kit I had purchased while it was still in the shrink wrap.

The other thing that's changed is many pilots attitudes and flying styles. Suddenly, it's now become fashionable to crash every time some folks go to the field and I'm not talking about a minor crash either. If that's the scenario, why not just buy the cheapest possible heli money can buy?

I've been built a few JR helis in my day and I'd have to say the quality of the kit and the fit and finish is some of the best money can buy today.


12-31-2013 06:23 PM  4 years agoPost 26
Flying Brian

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St. Clairsville, Ohio

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When will they be available for pre-order? Who's carrying them

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12-31-2013 09:42 PM  4 years agoPost 27
DS 8717


Here wishing i was somewhere else

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I have owned both align and Jr and while the align is very affordable the jr vibes fly better than the align. i let people fly my vibe 50,both first 50 and newer 50 NEX and they like the wat the vibe flys better.I let guys fly my Vibe 90 SG that have align 700 and they like the vibe much better,what scares most people off is the cost of the high quality parts the vibes use. I crashed my 50 a few times and it wasnt really that much more to fix than the align 50.


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