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texas - USA

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Judge claims DHS delivering smuggled children to illegal immigrant parents

A federal judge in Texas is accusing the Department of Homeland Security of hand-delivering children smuggled into the United States to their illegal immigrant parents.

U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen revealed the practice in a blistering court order filed late last week. He said the "dangerous" practice is effectively aiding human traffickers and particularly the drug cartels, which run many of these operations.

"These actions are both dangerous and unconscionable," he wrote.

The judge attempted to lift the curtain on what is happening behind the scenes of the Obama administration's changing approach to immigration enforcement. It has been well-documented that DHS is allowing some illegal immigrants already inside the country to skirt deportation, and particularly those who came to the U.S. as children.

"The DHS has simply chosen not to enforce the United States' border security laws," he wrote.

Further, he said this is simply encouraging risky smuggling operations. "Time and again this court has been told by representatives of the government and the defense that cartels control the entire smuggling process," Hanen wrote. "... the government is not only allowing [illegal immigrants in the U.S.] to fund the illegal and evil activities of these cartels, but is also inspiring them to do so."

Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council union, told the judge's claims are "absolutely correct."

"That's what we do now. We babysit kids and change diapers," he said. "It's out of control."

Of course our local liberals will think this is just a peachy idea.

90% of life is "showing up"

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rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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System also work's in opposing reverse and that is more popular.

Large legal Industry surrounds it : The Exchange Student's, Medical, Business, Vacation, special dispensation for being SMART

Coming as Student's or authorized visa's - get the anchor of permission and paper work. Home, occupation, registration SS # Then Send for any and all related and meet them at the airport.

Part of the Job of a Embassy or Consulate

Thank your Janette Neapolitiono - X DHS secretary of Home Land Defense
Guess what SHE does Now for the State of California and Academia ??

Wait till you meet the NEw Guy of DHS : JEH Johnson and HIS Specialty
and all his new Permanently Hired


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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › DHS now involved in illegal human trafficking of minors
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