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12-14-2013 02:12 AM  5 years ago


texas - USA

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Relevance? People are waking up to the corruption of our government, what does the past president have anything to do with fixing our future?
Bush was not a conservative he was a RHINO just like half of the Republicans in congress.
Obama is Bush2... The past fouls of our presidents do not make it OK to continue breaking laws and rules.
If you want to get technical we have been on this path for the past 30+ years... there is a lot of blame to go around!

Bush II, Bush I, Reagan, Carter should have stayed out of the Middle East.

JFK and Johnson should have stayed out of Viet Nam.

Truman should have stayed out of Korea.

We can go back track through all the past mistakes, but it is not the present problem.

The reason PsychoZ keeps going back to Bush is to try to deflect blame away from Obama, Hillary, and any of the leftists.

The leftists can not, can not, can not accept any responsibility for anything.
90% of life is "showing up"
12-14-2013 02:34 AM  5 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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Pretty sad sincerely: when applied to a calendar time line that we all forget.

If you were 10 year's old at 9/11/01 you would be 22 or 23 year's of age presently to reach our current posistion.

At ten year's old how much do they remember ? of detail of 911 fact or has it been over written ?

Even as a Young Teen Little was on Focus of the Events

If you where of voting age 6 years ago or 21 age of the OBAMA how - Little memory

They have all been sleeping.

Then stretch the time line in both direction's --- of accountability

If The Clinton Initiative - would of been on watch instead of wearing a Blue Dress and sniffing thigh rolled Cigars -with at least 6 women documented; He would have accepted OSAMA from the Saudi's -and NONE of this or 911 would have ever happened. Lives Saved for ALL

What Clinton handed Bush was A HUGE BUCKET of absolute crap of the Nation's Defense and the International Community to resolve.

WHY the Coalition rallied - The MESS CLINTON MADE and NOW a Queen of the KING may run for the NEXt position on the throne.

We have never done that in our history

It never stopped - and continues with more and look where it is.


If you want scary : The Gal that sat behind Hillary in the Congressional Bengazie Investigation : Was Bill's Impeachment attorney. Re - rack the tape : She set's to the left - taking messages on a Blue Berry and passing them to Hillary.

Hillary was awarded Secretary of State = 3rd Place with the assistance of Umma Habadon - Saudi Wife of Antoney Weiner a Jew

Obama has called up Leon Podesta - Bill's Original Oval office Council. Who campaigned for Obama ? Bill

Stuff that is going on is Wild !

WHO have we NOt heard a PEEP out of ?? A- X President
12-15-2013 07:20 PM  5 years ago


Clearwater, FL

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It's such a vicious cycle. Dems get in the White House and create a mess with their global "diplomacy. The country gets sick of it and puts a Republican in office to clean up the mess and he gets blamed for being pragmatic by the Dems who made the mess so that the cycle repeats itself.

I liked the good old days when both sides were pro America.
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