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Has anyone replaced the stock gyro foam pad in the Axe100 CP? I noticed the stock foam pad is quite firm, and I'm curious to try a Futaba foam pad since it is known for it's quality. I can't imagine a negative results by switching out the foam, except destroying the stock foam pad upon removal.

I'm only curious to do this because, while hovering in my livingroom, sometimes it drifts to the right or left. Its like it decides on its own which way it wants to drift. I can't imagine why other than a vibration or ground effects. I doubt ground effects since I'm hovering around 3'.

I've eliminated a lot of vibration by a small piece of packing tape on one blade, and amazed how that little bit smoothed out the previous vibes. (also, I've confirmed no shafts are bent, and are newly replaced).

That's all I have. What do ya think? Thanks.

_Sam B_

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