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Jacksonville, NC

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I was talking to a friend the other day about flying performance and what to work on and I started thinking about nutrition and how it plays a factor in the hand eye coordination in our hobby.

I typically go out the field with plenty of water to keep me hydrated and ensure I eat a somewhat hearty breakfast. I arrive at the field about 8-9am and even still around 11-12pm I find myself making stupid coordination mistakes. I do think it plays into nutrition and how we're feeding ourselves.

Anyone have any good ideas or would like to share how you feed your body to stay at peak performance? I think this has a major factor in the safety of our flying.

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Great question, diet does affect everything we do. Knowing your body is about 70% water should say drinking close to a gallon a day is important. Diet definitely plays a role in coordination and motor skills. Try to avoid processed foods and eat "clean." If it has more than 2 or 3 ingredients in it, probably not a good idea to eat it. Peppers, broccoli, kiwi, strawberries, and oranges will give you a big vitamin C burst. Pack a cooler with some almonds, PB&J on whole wheat, water, and any fruit. Just like this hobby, too much of one thing can be bad also. Great article here on water consumption myths:

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Thuerigen germany

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Avoid industrial foods as they consist mainly out of fat and sugar as those are cheap.

I have some fruits with me, mostly apples/bananas and some nuts and dry-fruits.
Tea, sometimes coffee, water.

That will do the job.

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Slovenia ... somewhere in Europe

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well just like with any other activity food and water intake play a significant role. The way a human body works is such that it preserves the vital organs. Hence it keeps the heart and brain well supplied with the necessary nutrients and most importantly oxygen.

To make a long story short... when our body is in distress (and the lack of food or water is exactly that) then it gradually stops supplying certain body parts with blood and consequentially oxygen. This is evident is numb fingers and blurry vision. In these cases the blood flow to outer extremities ceases and we loose the feeling in our fingers. Our external senses get hindered and this is the grounds for blurry vision and poor eye to hand coordination.

This bodily reaction is most evident (and fast) when we are under stress (car accident pops to mind, or better yet combat...) but simply not eating or not drinking enough would not cause such a fast reaction and would be negligent in comparison to the lack of proper sleep. Hence the mandatory crew rest for pilots...


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S Crutchfield


Arkadelphia,Ar. usa

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HomeAircraftHelicopterSafety - RC Helis are not toys › Nutrition play a factor?
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