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10-29-2013 03:03 AM  5 years ago
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texas - USA

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Obamacare jacks up her insurance
Sue Klinkhamer has a problem.

It’s called Obamacare.

And the irony of her situation is not lost on her. In a recent email addressed to her former boss, Illinois Congressman Bill Foster, and other Democratic colleagues, she wrote:

“I spent two years defending Obamacare. I had constituents scream at me, spit at me and call me names that I can’t put in print. The congressman was not re-elected in 2010 mainly because of the anti-Obamacare anger. When the congressman was not re-elected, I also (along with the rest of our staff) lost my job. I was upset that because of the health care issue, I didn’t have a job anymore but still defended Obamacare because it would make health care available to everyone at, what I assumed, would be an affordable price. I have now learned that I was wrong. Very wrong.”

For Klinkhamer, 60, President Obama’s oft-repeated words ring in her ears: “If you like your health plan, you will keep it.”

Well, possibly not.

When Klinkhamer lost her congressional job, she had to buy an individual policy on the open market.

Three years ago, it was $225 a month with a $2,500 deductible. Each year it went up a little to, as of Sept. 1, $291 with a $3,500 deductible. Then, a few weeks ago, she got a letter.

“Blue Cross,” she said, “stated my current coverage would expire on Dec. 31, and here are my options: I can have a plan with similar benefits for $647.12 [or] I can have a plan with similar [but higher] pricing for $322.32 but with a $6,500 deductible.”

She went on, “Blue Cross also tells me that if I don’t pick one of the options, they will just assume I want the one for $647. ... Someone please tell me why my premium in January will be $356 more than in December?”

The sticker shock Klinkhamer is experiencing is something millions of individual policyholders are reeling from having gotten similar letters from their private insurers.

Another Obama victim. And she did everything she could to help Obamacare, because she believed Obama. People like that can't be helped.
90% of life is "showing up"
10-29-2013 03:37 AM  5 years ago


Sagamihara-Shi Japan

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And I bet they are still tone deaf to what the conservatives have said or are saying about Obama.
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10-29-2013 07:19 AM  5 years ago
spaceman spiff

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obviously it is Bushs fault.
10-29-2013 10:29 AM  5 years ago



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Anything from that State of Illinois is entrenched democratic strong hold. It is like a democrat cult and no changing it until it gets shoved into the land pit. I used to live there and was happy to leave at the first opportunity! Heavy drinkers and petty criminals live there!

To the H*LL with Illinois!
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Home🌌Off TopicsOff Topics News & Politics › Obamacare jacks up her insurance
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