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texas - USA

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The Washington State United Food and Commercial Workers Union has voted to authorize a strike because of Obamacare regulations. Approximately 30,000 workers could walk picket lines as early as next week and the vote to strike was approved by 98% of the membership.

One of the new proposals in the current contract negotiations is to provide health insurance only to those employees working a 30+ hour work week. "As with all employers, the Affordable Care Act will impact how we deliver health benefits to our employees," said Allied chief negotiator Scott Powers. The previous contract provided healthcare for workers with 16+ hour work weeks.

Union officials say the President Obama's signature Affordable Care Act is being used as a convenient excuse to cut benefits."The reason why the employers are doing this is it's a big money grab," said Tom Geiger of UFCW Local 21.

This could be the beginning of strikes around the country as the consequences of Obamacare become apparent.

Welcome to reality liberals.

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Dennis (RIP)



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Liberty once lost, is lost forever.

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They should ask for their Democratic Campaign $$$$$ money back "they" emptied from from "their very own" retirement coffers. To fund OBAMA the Honey Prophet and the Democratic Campaign Engine.

They took a gamble and got rooked out of their very own money. Then charged for a health care program they already had --- but got removed from IT --for O- BANANA CARE

It is not the position Nation's citizen taxpayer to re- finance the Union Retirement funds ;{ Cash for Clunker's " ????

It will even get worse as those looking for JOB's will fill or take the position's while the Union's are on strike --- their positions and jobs eliminated and back-filled with those that want to work.

Union's do NOT Control or OWN Businesses, furnish the work, make the product, own the product, or make the prophet to provide the salary.

Will they Strike ?? Who will benefit ??


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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › 98% of UFCW Union Vote to Strike Because of Obamacare
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