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Mtarfa, Malta - Europe

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Guys I have two questions if somebody could offer their thoughts. I have just finished the rebuild of my Trex 700. Before going out for test flight I am noticing that my Align DS620 throttle servo gives a small jerk sometimes on its own. It happens in any position. This servo is currently connected to the Align Governor RCE-G600. My receiver is a Futaba R6008HS on fast mode. Could it be that the servo is going and needs replacing?
Also another small question. When the Align governor is switched on, with the engine off, should the throttle servo go to full throttle as if its waiting for the rpm to increase and then start modulating in the actual flight? Cause when switching in the Governor the servo still remains in the throttle stick set position and does not move.

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Saco, ME

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The servo should not twitch. It may be bad. I would swap it out and see if your problem is solved. Do not attempt a start until this is resolved.

When you turn on the transmitter it should be in "Normal" flight mode and the throttle should be at idle so you can start the heli. The governor light will be RED indicating it is off. The gain setting on the Gyro should be 0 or -2 in this mode whichever gives you the RED light.

When you switch into a 3d Flight Mode at half stick, the throttle should move to a little above half or about 65%. As you move the throttle stick up or down, the throttle will go to full, and the governor light should turn GREEN indicating the governor will be controlling the engine. The governor gain setting should be about 80% in 3d mode.

That is how it's supposed to work. Without knowing how your radio is setup, and knowing nothing about Futaba programming, that is the best I can do for you. Perhaps others can help with that.

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Cedar Rapids, IA

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The governor won't take control of the servo if your motor is not running, regardless of what the stick position happens to be. The throttle response will be as if there is no governor in the loop.

The throttle servo will follow the throttle stick and whatever throttle curves are assigned.

Remember, if the governor sees no RPM input, it will assume the sensor or its connection is bad and will return control to the throttle stick. This is why it is essential to have decent throttle curves set up, even when a governor is installed.

If you have a servo that just randomly jumps, twitches, or moves, you have a potential failure on your hands.

It could be a dirty feedback potentiometer, damaged gear, broken wire in the connector harness or inside, faulty motor, or servo amplifier. There is also the possibility that the governor is doing something it shouldn't be.

Unplug the servo, and move it to a different channel. Look for similar behavior. Plug a different servo into the governor output. See if the twitch follows the servo, or if it follows the governor.

But it's not a wise choice to fly until you have figured out what is wrong.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterAlignOther › Align DS620 Servo Strange Behaviour
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